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Mindy Crenshaw
Mindy Crenshaw
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Birthday: September 21st 1988
Height: 5'7"
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Interests: Science, sharks
Talents: Science Fair
Lives In: Torrance, California
Occupaton: Student
Manager at The Premiere (formerly)
Brothers: Alden Crenshaw
Mother: Mrs. Crenshaw
Father: Mr. Crenshaw
Cousins: Chad
Pets: Cockapoo
Friends: Helen Dubois
Eric Blonowitz
Craig Ramirez
Crazy Steve
Megan Parker
Josh Nichols (Boyfriend)
Drake Parker (Frenemy)
Nemesis: Drake Parker (Frenemy)
Josh Nichols (Formerly)
Megan Parker (Formerly)
Alice Hayfer
Production Info
Portrayed by: Allison Scagliotti
First Appearance: Honor Council
Last Appearance: Really Big Shrimp
Dance Contest
Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh
Wi-Fi in the Sky

Mindy Crenshaw is an intelligent, pretty and confident girl who attends Drake and Josh's high school. Mindy was originally a rival to Josh, but later becomes Josh's on and off girlfriend for most seasons of the show. She and Drake do not like each other. She is portrayed to come from a strict family with a wealthy background.


Josh (Boyfriend/Former Enemy)[]

Josh always loses to Mindy at the Science Fair, a fact that she boastfully loves to remind him of. Up until Honor Council, they were rivals as Mindy would beat Josh at everything. She returns from the mental rehabilitation clinic in Mindy's Back and beats Josh at the science fair again. Following the orientation of their history teacher, Mindy picks Josh to be her partner for a war project, much to Josh’s surprise. They end up in Josh's house to work together, when he finally asks why she treats him like he is inferior. She confesses that she likes Josh, and Josh reciprocates, and they end up dating. They break up briefly in the same episode, because Josh is afraid to tell Drake about their relationship in case he doesn’t approve. They reunite at the end of the same episode after Drake helps Josh win her back.

Josh is invited to meet Mindy's parents in Girl Power. Despite a rocky start, Josh wins them over, but after seeing Drake wrestling with his girlfriend and destroying the living room, they forbid Josh to date Mindy. Josh becomes extremely upset, and yells at Drake about how he has ruined his relationship, and how he does not care what Drake thinks about her, because she is the greatest thing to ever happen to him. Mindy's parents are touched by Josh's speech, consequently understandings their feelings for each other and allowing them to keep dating.

In The Demonator, Josh says that Mindy made a book of all the letters they give to each other during their class.

In Mindy Loves Josh, Mindy tells Josh that she loves him. He doesn't know what to say, resulting in him slamming the door in her face in panic. Mindy gives Josh some time to think about it. After a conversation with Drake, Josh starts to think that she said that to manipulate him, so she can win the Science Fair easily. Josh ultimately wins the fair, but he later discovers that she let him win, when Mindy shows the real power of her project. Feeling guilty, Josh gives her his trophy and medal, saying that he will win too, but only when he deserves it. Mindy says that she really loves him, however, they both decide to break up again so that they could date other people and have more experience.

In Eric Punches Drake, when Josh is jealous about Mindy's supposed boyfriend, Chad. Josh confronts her, accusing her of provoking him with Chad, and Mindy starts to provoke him deliberately. At the end of the episode, she explains that Chad is her cousin, new to the town and she is just showing him around. This appeases Josh, who kisses her passionately and she reciprocates, but they mutually agree that they still are broken up.

In Really Big Shrimp, Mindy fixes the corn dog rotisserie, impressing Helen and prompting her to hire Mindy to be the new assistant manager of the Premiere. This upsets Josh, who has always wanted to wear the gold vest that accompanies the job. After a conversation between the two, Josh confronts her, accusing her of only taking the job to antagonise him and derive pleasure from beating him. Mindy rebuffs by confessing that she only took the job to spend more time with him, saying that she regretted them breaking up about 45 minutes after the fact. At the end of the episode they both passionately kiss, resuming their relationship again.

In Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh, Mindy spends the holidays with her family instead of Josh, who is wounded by her decision. She quickly returns worried about him when she heard that he was injured. It is notable to say that after 1 year, they are still together.

Drake (Former Enemy/Frenemy)[]

Mindy is shown to have an extreme hatred for Drake (with mutual feelings). For example, in "Honor Council" she parked the teacher's car in the middle of the classroom, and planted Drake’s jacket in the trunk to frame Drake for the prank, with the intention of having him expelled. In Mindy's Back, she revealed to Drake she is not planning to frame him again. Throughout the episodes, they warm up to one another, but they still partake in name calling and teasing. Even though they dislike each other, Mindy helps Drake with his girlfriend problems in 'Playing the Field' and enjoys his music, being seen dancing to his music in the movie 'Really Big Shrimp'. Likewise, while Drake hates Mindy, he has no issues with her dating Josh, even helping the two get back together in 'Mindy's Back'.

Megan (Former Enemy/Friend)[]

Megan originally resented Mindy, but she warmed up to her when Mindy explains that she can make Josh's life miserable at school, while Megan makes his life miserable at home, so Josh's life can be miserable all the time. Mindy enjoys Megan making Drake miserable, like in Mindy Loves Josh when Drake ate Megan's' big cookie, Mindy asked if Megan was going to do something to him, when Megan said yes, Mindy said "excellent".


Season 2[]

Season 3[]

Season 4[]



  • She appears in seven episodes of the series alone; as well as in Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh.
  • When Mindy first debuted on the show in season 2's Honor Council, her actress, Allison Scagliotti, was only 13 years old and in middle school. This makes her the only character to be older than the actor.
  • For her misdeed in Honor Council, Mindy is sent to a mental rehabilitation clinic (which Josh calls a cuckoo hut and Megan calls a wacky shack), causing a temporary departure from the series before she reappears in season 3's "Mindy's Back" to compete in the school science fair.
  • Mindy is shown to have cloned her dog, named Cockapoo.
  • She has been shown to possess a love for sharks.
  • Mindy is a straight A student, except for one B in Mrs. Hayfer's class, as revealed in the episode titled Honor Council.
  • It is hinted Mindy might know Beck Oliver and André Harris from Victorious as she was on Beck and André's chat page in the Victorious episode "Wi-Fi in the Sky."
  • Her star sign is Libra♎.
  • Her full name is Melinda Allison Crenshaw.


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