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"You are the truck in my life. So, I avoid you!"
Josh to Mindy
Mindy's Back
Season 3, Episode 4
Mindys Back.jpg
Air date April 30, 2005 USA

September 27, 2005 Canada

Written by Eric Friedman
Directed by Adam Weissman
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Mindy's Back is the fourth episode of the third season of Drake & Josh.


It's science fair time and Josh is sure that this year his is the project to beat, but when Mindy Crenshaw makes a surprise return, sparks fly in the most unexpected places.


In the opening comments, Drake and Josh give the viewers advice saying you can't judge a book by its cover and both talk about the time they first met.

Mindy Crenshaw returns to school from a mental institution, and once again beats Josh in the science fair. With advice from Megan, Josh attempts to ignore her until Mindy picks him as a project partner. Josh is initially annoyed by this, but they eventually realize they have feelings for one another and begin to date.

However, Josh is too worried to tell Drake about his newfound relationship, due to Drake and Mindy's hatred for one another. But because of this, Mindy breaks up with Josh. When Drake finally finds out, he is actually happy for Josh, and tries to get the two back together by taking Josh to Mindy's house during the night, where Josh and Mindy finally kiss through Mindy's bedroom window.

During the end credits, Craig and Eric were both talking about the rat for their experiment but it causes to fly high when the boys try to rescue the rat.



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  • Audrey and Walter were absent in this episode.
  • Ted Lange who was well-known as Isaac Washington the bartender on The Love Boat guest stars as Mr. Calvert in this episode.
  • This episode was included on Drake & Josh Go Hollywood DVD, along with Helen's Surgery.
  • Josh introduces his science project by saying: "Welcome to my magnetic field...of dreams". This is an allusion to the 1989 Kevin Costner movie, Field of Dreams.
  • At the beginning of this episode, when Drake and Josh talk of their "first" meeting, a vintage Illinois license plate dated June of 1986 is shown. This is the same month that Drake Bell was born in.
  • Josh's line "I get to be the boyfriend!" is referenced to by Mindy in Really Big Shrimp.
  • Drake and Josh mentioned themselves being little in the opening sequence. Their actual appearances being little was in "Foam Finger".
  • The events of Honor Council are referred to in this episode, since this is Mindy's second appearance.
  • When Drake mentions Josh getting his foot stuck in the toilet, he also mentions that Josh got his foot stuck in the toilet in the episode Smart Girl.
  • Drake asks Mindy if she came back to get him suspended again which is a reference to the episode Honor Council.
  • Drake's head explodes in Josh's nightmare which in this case many fans of Drake And Josh consider this as the weirdest scene of this episode.
  • Drake can lift Josh.
  • According to end credits found on TeenNick airings, there are stunt doubles for Drake, Josh, and Mindy in the final scene.


  • When Drake and Josh fall down the stairs and Mindy and Josh fall out the window, one can clearly see the extra padding on the ground.
  • When it shows the outside of Drake and Josh's house and the scene where Mindy and Josh are in the living room dating, it's night then in the next scene where Josh tells Drake he's dating Mindy, it's day, but when they arrive at Mindy's house, it's suddenly night again.
  • When Josh and Mindy are sitting on the window seat, playing with the toy shark you can see the reflection of a crew member through the left window.