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Milo McCreary
Milo McCreary
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Dark brown
Talents: Intelligence
Lives In: Hollywood
Goal: Counterfeit millions of dollars and escape to Brazil .

Drown and kill Drake and Josh to prevent them from informing the authorities of his plans (all failed).

Crimes: Counterfeiting

Attempted Murder

Friends: Deegan
Brice Granger
Nemesis: Drake Parker
Josh Nichols
Megan Parker
Production Info
Portrayed by: John J. York
Only Appearance: Drake & Josh Go Hollywood

Milo McCreary is the main antagonist in Drake & Josh Go Hollywood.


Milo McCreary is "not friendly", according to Josh and the FBI. He is greedy, ruthless, sadistic, and willing to kill since he planned to drown Drake and Josh.

Plot Overview[]

According to the FBI, he was one of the 10 most wanted criminals. He was also the leader of a gang of criminals who stole the new United States currency machine from an armored truck. When Drake and Josh are on their flight to Los Angeles, Deegan, one of his henchmen was on the flight to bring a G-O to start it. After the G-O got switched with Josh's, Deegan and [[Brice Granger][, whom McCreary sent to the airport to pick up Deegan, pursued them to Megan's hotel. After the boys escaped, McCreary sent Deegan and Brice out with two more henchmen disguised as FBI agents to capture them and had them tied in their lair while they began their operation. However, with Megan's help, Drake and Josh stopped them and McCreary and his gang got arrested for their felonious crime. He was played by John J. York.



Deegan & Brice McCreary[]

McCreary did not interact much with these two but appears to trust the two a lot as he had Deegan bring the G-O and had Brice pick him up. The only real interaction with either one was when Deegan got the machine going.

Milo McCreary

Drake & Josh[]

Milo McCreary planned to Drown and Kill Drake and Josh to prevent Drake and Josh from informing the cops about what he and his men did. He was sadistic about it as he told them by saying he hoped they were very good swimmers.



Megan was the reason he and his crew got caught, but they never really interacted.


  • "I hope you boys are great swimmers."


  • He's obviously the most ruthless and sadistic villain Drake & Josh ever faced as he was planning to drown them when he commented, "I hope you boys are great swimmers."
  • McCreary can be a possible reference to Patrick McReary from Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto V.