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Megan's Revenge
Season 4, Episode 13
Air date March 4, 2007
Written by Dan Schneider
Directed by Steve Hoefer
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Megan's Revenge is the thirteenth episode of the fourth season of Drake & Josh.


When Drake and Josh borrow Megan's digital camera to photograph a supermodel, Josh photographs her hamster, Hervey. The flash knocks him unconscious, but the boys think they killed him. They then fear retaliation from Megan. However, Megan knew the whole time that Drake and Josh were worried about what she would do to them. So she told them that she knew how scared they were, and that she was watching the whole time as the boys were both slowly eaten alive by their own fear. In the end, she finally gets her revenge by pressing a button on a device, which blows up the spot on Drake and Josh's bedroom floor where they were standing, causing them to fall down into the garage below. Finally, Megan looks down the hole in the floor, and tells Drake and Josh that they didn't kill Hervey, but accidentally stunned him with the camera flash. Drake and Josh then both simultaneously say "Megan" angrily before passing out on the garage floor.



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  • In the iCarly episode iGet Pranky, Carly is seen watching a part of this episode. Afterwards, she wonders why "that girl" is so good at pulling pranks (specifically a part with Megan). Megan and Carly were both played by Miranda Cosgrove.
  • Some TV listings have mistaken the episode to air in 2006.
  • In the opening scene, Josh explains how he ended taking the blame for an accident caused by Drake where his dad's car crashed into their neighbor Mrs. Fudge's mailbox. In the episode Who's Got Game?, Drake takes responsibility for the incident much to Josh's chagrin.
  • This was originally the Season 4 finale.


  • Megan goes to watch a movie with her friend, but when Drake and Josh get home, she's suddenly home, cleaning Drake and Josh's room. It's highly unlikely that the movie ended before Drake and Josh came home.
  • Josh almost takes a nap on the couch, but he has lumbar problems, as revealed in Pilot.
  • Megan has a pet hamster named Hervey, but her hamster is not seen in any other episode.
    • It most likely died a few days or weeks.
  • When Drake and Josh run into Megan and her friend at the movie theater, they go and see a movie, but when Drake and Josh run off and enter their room, they suddenly find her at home in their room cleaning up, but she was seeing a movie with her friend just as they were leaving, so how could she be at home already if she was just at the Premiere about to see a movie.
  • Drake and Josh were unharmed after falling through the garage. In reality, they would've been seriously injured.