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Max Galloway
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Age Group: Newborn
Birthday: 2003
Lives In: San Diego
Mother: Mrs. Galloway
Father: Bob Galloway
Friends: Drake (Babysitter)
Josh (Babysitter)
Production Info
Only Appearance: Two Idiots and a Baby

Max Galloway is a minor character.


  • When Audrey and Walter leave to go out to dinner with Max's parents, Josh offers to babysit him, much to Drake's dismay. When Megan calls the house phone, he starts crying after she pranks him. Drake and Josh try many things to get him to stop crying, none of which worked, so Drake and Josh meet with Rina, Paul, and Scottie for help and tells them he can't stop crying. At the kitchen, Drake, Josh and Megan are cleaning him in the sink. As they run out of Max's diapers, they make a make-shift diaper out of the curtains. After Drake accidentally break the singing bear's head, he and Josh decided to sing I've Been Working on the Railroad by using Drake's guitar to get him to sleep, When Drake leaves to go to the concert, Josh panics after he disappears and ends up getting stuck on the roof looking for him. When Drake comes home from his concert, he asked Megan where he is. At the end, Josh, Audrey, Walter, and Max's parents arrive the living room when they found Max with Drake and Megan. When he and his parents get ready to leave, his mom wanted him to say mama, so he gets pranked by Megan twice when she superglued the phone to the base to make him cry and hid him in her room to scare Josh while Drake is playing at his concert.
  • The actor who played Max is unconfirmed.