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General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 17(Season 3)
18(Season 4)
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Birthday: November 13, 1989
Weight: 5'6
Aliases: Lucy(by everyone)
Family & Friends
Family: Her 5 Older Brothers
Friends: Drake Parker, Josh Nichols, Megan Parker, Mindy Crenshaw, Mr and Mrs. Crenshaw, Carly, Christine, Helen Dubois
Relationships: Drake Parker(ex-boyfriend)
Enemies: The Jocks
Other Information
Education: 11th Grade(Season 3)

12th Grade(Season 4)

Series Information
First appearance: Girl Power
Last appearance: The Storm
Portrayed By: Gabrielle Christian

Lucille Lucy is one of Drake Parker's many ex-girlfriends. She appeared in the episodes Girl Power (as his girlfriend) and The Storm (as his ex-girlfriend).

While she and Drake were dating in Girl Power, Drake started feeling uncomfortable about going out with Lucy after realizing that she might be tougher than he is--the reason for that being while the two were hanging out at the Premiere Theatre, Lucy was able to fight back at (and beat) a group of mean football players who had previously beaten both Josh and Drake. Drake and Lucy then get into an argument about whether men or women are tougher than the other, and decide to hold a fight to see who's stronger.

Lucy credits her strength and combat skills as a result of growing up with five older brothers. She claims, "It was either learn how to fight or get held down and burped on." In the later part of that episode, Drake and Lucy fight in a wrestling match, in which after many rounds Lucy beats up Drake. Lucy is absent though, for the remainder of the show, until Drake eventually starts dating Carly.

Lucy reappears on the show again in season 4's episode 'The Storm' as one of Drake's ex-girlfriends at his house before Drake's concert. Drake also invites Carly to his house before his concert, which causes to become very stressed out as he does not want Lucy to meet his current girlfriend, as Lucy might beat him up again in front of all his friends and his mom. She is the one of the Second and Current Generation Characters.

"You can take it from here, buddy!"
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