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Los Angeles is one of the cities in Drake & Josh.


Los Angeles is the main setting for Drake & Josh Go Hollywood. In the movie, Drake and Josh accidentally send Megan on the wrong flight. Instead of traveling to Denver, she ends up in Los Angeles. While trying to find her, they end up entangled in a criminal operation. Thanks to their efforts, Drake and Josh end the operation and Drake performs his new song Hollywood Girl live on TRL. In the end, Drake and Josh takes their dates on a stroll around Los Angeles

In the episode Really Big Shrimp, Drake and Josh head to LA to get a record deal from Spin City records. After hearing Drake's song on a Daka commercial, they feared that they would get in trouble but are relieved when the company tells the two that the song became popular and Nick Mateo, president of Spin City told Drake he was going to have a number one hit.


  • In The Drake and Josh Inn, Audrey and Walter were traveled in LA by car, but in Go Hollywood, Drake, Josh and Megan were traveled by plane.
  • Los Angeles is the primary location for other Nickelodeon shows like Big Time Rush and Dan Schneider's other shows Victorious and Sam and Cat

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