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Liza Tupper
Liza Tupper
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Age Group: 15
Birthday: December 15, 1989
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Interests: Hot Liza
Mother: Dr. Phyllis
Father: Unnamed father
Friends: Brent (boyfriend)
Drake Parker (ex-boyfriend)
Tori (noted)
Production Info
Portrayed by: Sofia Sokolov
First Appearance: Number 1 Fan (mentioned)
Playing the Field
Last Appearance: Dr. Phyllis Show (mentioned)

Liza Tupper (aka, and also known as "Hot Liza") is a character in Drake & Josh.


Liza Tupper is a girl that Drake dated to make Tori jealous in Playing the Field. She is a people person, loves animals, and her dad is in the Navy. After Drake talks to Tori, he successfully sets Liza up with Tori's ex-boyfriend, Brent, and he goes back to Tori. Liza was mentioned on Dr. Phyllis Show when Drake was calling her dumb and the worst kisser ever. Dr. Phyllis tells Drake that Liza is her daughter, and as he awkwardly tries to leave, she attacks him for insulting her daughter.