Little Sibling
Season 3, Episode 16
Drake and Josh Little Sibling
Air date February 4, 2006
Written by Dan Schneider
Directed by Steve Hoefer
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Little Sibling is the thirteenth episode of the third season of Drake & Josh. It aired on February 4, 2006.


To keep from being sent to Remedial English by Mrs. Hayfer (a class with lack of discipline that includes poorly behaved students, a dog, and two goth sisters trying to kiss him), Drake agrees to look after a boy named Sammy. Sammy ends up liking Josh more than Drake and often excludes him. Josh and Sammy enjoy cooking and make a Chef Show on Josh's video camera. Sammy says that Josh is cool and Josh is flattered, saying that most people think Drake is cooler. Not wanting to go to Remedial English as a result to being unsuccessful in bonding with Sammy, Drake desperately tries to re-interest him. Although he succeeds, he realizes that Sammy truly prefers Josh after watching the Chef Show the two made. He then pretends to be sick (pancreas troubles) so Sammy and Josh can go to a magic show. Megan questions Drake, who admits to faking, oblivious to the fact that Josh was listening in. Mrs. Hayfer later finds out about Sammy being with Josh more, and now Drake is sent to Remedial English. Josh then repays Drake back by getting him out of Remedial English.


Drake: [to Josh] So why does the principal want to see me?
Josh: He doesn't.
Drake: I love you.
Josh: I know!

Ms. Hafer: Taylor, take off your headphones or I will sell them on the internet.

Mrs. Hafer: Oh, and Drake, guess what?
Drake: What?
Mrs. Hafer: I hate you.
Drake: I know.

Mr. Hafer: [to Drake] Hi, I'm Gerald Hafer. my wife is your teacher.
Drake: That's right.
Mr. Hafer: She hates you.
Drake: I know.

Ms. Hafer: Josh, please take Sammy to the nurse.
Josh: We don't have a nurse here....
Ms. Hafer: [yells]: To the nurse!
Josh: Come on, Sammy! [they both run off]


  • Audrey and Walter didn't appear in this episode.
  • This episode marks the third time someone thought Josh was cool. The first was in Football. The second was in Megan's New Teacher.
  • Becca appears in this episode telling Mrs. Hayfer the lunch ladies are fighting (even though they aren't) so Drake wouldn't be caught late for class.
  • Josh claims it's a first that people[someone] thought[thinks] he is cool, yet in Football, he was called cool by Drake.
  • When Drake and Josh are watching the near the the ending there is no laugh track even though there was when in the video. It's possible this show used a live off-screen audience or that the editors edited them(the tracks) out on the cutting room floor.
  • When Josh gives Sammy some fountain drinks, Moca Cola is a parody of Coca Cola and Mountain Fizz is a parody of Mountain Dew.
  • This is the first episode seeing Mrs. Hayfer at the premiere.


  • Right after Josh goes, "It's kind of nice to have someone think it's the other way around for once," Drake comes in, but when Drake watches the tape, Josh is heard saying, "Thanks, Sammy," before Drake comes in.
  • In the scene where Sammy arrives at Drake and Josh's house and Drake pretending to be sick, it's afternoon time but as soon as Josh and Sammy leave the house in the next scene where they arrive and are at the magic show, it's nighttime.
  • Sammy lays on the movie theater counter and Josh is spraying sodas in his mouth from the hose, Josh is not really aloud to give Sammy sodas by spraying it from the hose he could've gotten fired for that.