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The following is a list of instances where a character has been grounded:

Accused Episode Reason Duration
Josh Dune Buggy Lying to Audrey about the TV. 2 Weeks
Drake Riding a dune buggy without permission.
Drake & Josh The Bet Not picking up Megan from her friend's house during a heavy rainstorm. One night
Peruvian Puff Pepper Megan sabotages their salsa, causing it to explode all over the kitchen, with the boys taking the blame. They try to dig up some proof of her deviousness, and discover a surveillance panel in her room, only for them to get in more trouble when the panel is hidden when they attempt to show their parents.
The Affair When they made Peggy Sherman leave, Walter angrily makes them dump food on themselves.
Sheep Thrills Hoarding sheep in their bedroom. 1 Month
Drake, Josh, & Megan Tree House Drake & Josh: building the rocket.

Megan: helping them with it. All three: Not being able to stop the rocket and letting it crash into their neighbor Robbie Carmichael's treehouse.

One day
Drake & Josh Helicopter Vince gives Walter a $400,000 bill after Drake and Josh destroyed his helicopter. 2 Weeks