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Pranks that have been shown in the show.

List of pranks[]

Episode Character Reason
Season 1
Pilot Drake Saw Josh dressed up as a Miss Nancy.
Dune Buggy Josh Threw at pillow Drake but he accidentally hit Drake's drink causing the TV to explode.
Drake Taught Josh how to lie to get out of trouble.
Believe Me, Brother Blended Josh’s sunglasses afree what happened between him and Susan
Two Idiots and a Baby Strumed his guitar at Josh.
Josh Fainted after he smelled Max's butt.
Max Peed on Drake, Josh, and Megan while they give him a bath.
Josh Landed on Mr. Galloway when he jumped off the roof.
First Crush Drake Saw Robert on his shoulder while singing I Found a Way at the coffee shop which caused him to get banned.
Josh Saw Robert slithers inside his clothes tickling him that causes him running out the school door.
Season 2
The Bet Drake and Josh Made Megan wet during a storm when they forgot to pick her up.
Josh Saw Drake get a facial rash when he woke up.
Drake Woke up with a facial rash from his sudden change in diet and must cure it by eating junk food.
Saw Josh redecorated the bedroom made of candy and junk food.
Smart Girl Shocked Josh using Megan's shock pen.
He competes in the academic bowl while Josh reluctantly feeds him info through a radio, but then a fast food restaurant interferes with Josh's radio frequency, causing Drake's team to lose points (saying prices for hamburgers instead of important history dates).
Little Diva Ashley When she gets knocked out, due to an accident involving a bucket and Drake and Josh's door, Dr. Jeff Glazer checked on her and gave something to make her sleep. The boys must to bring her to the Premiere without making it look like she is unconscious, holding her up, talking for her, and moving her arms for her.
Number 1 Fan Wendy Posting flyers everywhere around Drake's school promoting an upcoming radio appearance Drake will make with his band.
Mean Teacher Mrs. Hayfer Gave Todd the right answer after Drake got it wrong.
Drake When he wanted to talk to Kelly at her house, he got pranked when Mrs. Hayfer showed up revealing she is his teacher's daughter.
Mrs. Hayfer Gave Drake the wrong answer when she asked him about his favorite novel.
The Gary Grill Drake and Josh They prove to be successful salesmen and make a lot of money until they are arrested by the FBI for selling the grills, which were stolen by the two men who are really thieves. At the end, they locked Gary inside the jail cell.
Drew & Jerry Drake Bought a dog to his and Josh's room to wake Josh up.
Jerry Screamed at Josh while he sleeps in Josh's bed.
Honor Council Mrs. Hayfer Saw her car parked in the middle of the classroom, she suspends Drake for doing it when she finds his jacket in the trunk, and believing that he is the suspect and culprit.
Drake Mindy framed him for putting Mrs. Hayfer's car in her classroom by stealing Drake's jacket out of his locker and putting it in her trunk.
Season 3
The Drake & Josh Inn Drake and Josh They wanted to be the boss of Megan when their parents go out of town.
Audrey and Walter When they got home, the police arrested them for hosting a televised party without a city-authorized-permit.
Peruvian Puff Pepper Drake and Josh Got themselves disqualified when they reveal their secret, as Peruvian Puff Peppers are illegal in the United States, leaving Megan as the winner.
Mindy's Back Josh Saw Drake's head explode in his nightmare.
Drake When his shoulders started to hurt him, he accidentally cause Josh and Mindy to fall off from Mindy's window.
The Affair Drake and Josh Added cumin in their dad's breakfast, threw a meatball at their dad, and dumped food on Peggy to make her leave.
Playing the Field Josh Yelled OUT! to Megan and Drake about his mustache.
Helen's Surgery Gavin Sent Josh to the ladies' room if Helen is there until an angry woman threw Josh to the lobby's floor.
Paging Dr. Drake Drake Shot a potato and Josh as he dropped the barbell on his foot.
Foam Finger Josh, Audrey, and Walter Got caught in Drake's traps while Drake sleeps in the living room.
Walter Got scared when he saw Drake sleep in the bathroom.
Sheep Thrills Got his head stuck under the car's hood by Josh while Drake tries to get Megan's sheep out of the garage.
Josh Opened the door and screamed as he found Audrey and Walter suspicious.
Little Sibling Drake He got sent to remedial English by Mrs. Hayfer (a class with lack of discipline that includes poorly behaved students, a dog, and two goth sisters trying to kiss him).
Theater Thug Josh Other people caught him after he played as the Theater Thug.
The Demonator
Papa Nichols Bonked Eric in the head and threw Craig over the couch believing that they're German nerds when he thinks he's back in World War II.
Officer Jackson Sent Drake, Josh, and Megan to the end of the line after Josh upset people in the middle of the line when he had to use the bathroom.
Papa Nichols Fell from the ceiling and landed on top of Craig and Eric.
Covered Eric with a pillow case and threw him out of the window from Drake and Josh's room.
Pirate Boy Ripped off Milford Mouse's tail.
Milford Mouse Tickled Josh when he thinked he pulled off his tail.
Officer Jackson Sent Drake and Josh to the end of the line after they fight with Milford Mouse.
Papa Nichols Tied Craig and Eric up to the chairs and broke Eric's cell phone (thinking it was a weapon).
Tied Craig and Eric up to the chairs again when they try to escape.
Punched Walter and pranked him as a "German".
Craig Opened Drake and Josh's closet and found Papa Nichols which causes him to run downstairs. (credits only)
Alien Invasion Walter Found Megan's alien in the living room when the alien discovers him.
Season 4
Josh Runs Into Oprah Drake Tricks everyone and the whole hospital into believing Josh has a virus, which in return, causes him to get a chemical bath.
Josh Rips Drake's bongos when Drake tries to cheer him up.
Vicious Tiberius Tiberius Trapped Drake, Josh, and the Animal Control Guy in the bathroom and chased Walter after leaving from Mrs. Hayfer's house.
The Wedding Spencer and Ryan Took Drake and Josh's wallets and pushed them to the ground when they refused them to drive to the wedding.
Leslie Refusing to tow Drake and Josh to the wedding after Drake insults him due to his name.
The Great Doheny Henry Doheny Made Walter's hair disappear and made Drake and Josh's pants disappear as other people take pictures of them with their boxers.
Walter Asks Henry if he could have his hair back but he felt nothing when Henry left for Las Vegas.
I Love Sushi Tyler Bought Drake and Josh nachos with a type of special "sticky cheese".
Drake and Josh When they try to greet their parents their anniversary, they saw the living room empty when the furniture is stolen.
Tyler Throws an egg at a Sergeant Doty to make him think that Drake and Josh did it.
Sergeant Doty Made Drake and Josh do 50 pushups because he thinks they threw an egg at him even though they did not.
The Storm Drake Tricks Eric into stopping the leak on the roof, but then he ends up being dangled outside the window by a rope.
My Dinner with Bobo Drake Scared Josh using his sound machine in the opening.
Drake & Josh Took Walter's lunch away from him.
Drake Made Josh by making himself run in opposite directions so that Drake could get access to the car.
Dr. Adrian G. Favershim Locked Drake and Josh in the closet and took Josh's phone away from him.
Tree House Drake and Josh Accidentally used their rocket to destroy Robbie's tree house.
Robbie Got his toy truck destroyed by a tree house piece.
Drake and Josh Made Megan miss her friend's birthday party.
Josh Is Done Robbie Kicked Drake when he used his sit and bounce.
Crazy Steve Knocked Eric and his chair down and threw Craig's weiner.
Josh Called security to send Drake out of the Premiere as he does not know him.
Drake Breaks down in chemistry class following a chemical incident involving Clayton, causing him to get a shower.
Eric Punches Drake Eric Punched Drake in the eye while demonstrating a kung fu move to Craig.
Drake Gargled and spit into Clayton's water bottle after the events of Josh Is Done.
Megan's Revenge Josh Took a picture of Megan's hamster Herve in her room.
Steered Straight Drake and Josh Grabbed Walter and silence him while the other criminals handcuff him and put duck tape over his mouth, Blaze orders them to throw him in the closet, and they do so heading in with him.
Megan's First Kiss Corey He doesn't get along with Drake and Josh very much since they interfere with Megan's dates twice at the Premiere, and wanted to beat him up until he beats them up using Kung Fu.
Battle of Panthatar Thornton Locke Saw Drake kissing his girlfriend at the Premiere and removes him and Josh from the list.
Really Big Shrimp Crazy Steve Saw Josh ate his enchilada which causes him to chase Josh around The Premiere.
Craig Plugs in the 5K, because Eric thought that there wasn't enough light and this ends up causing a fire as everyone evacuates.
Helicopter Walter Passed out after he drinked water out of the pot that had his underwear in it.
Josh Blasted Vince out of the helicopter with the fire extinguisher after getting knocked unconscious.

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