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This page is for a list of parodies in Drake and Josh.

Parody Parody Of Appeared In
Mocha-Cola Coca-Cola Various Episodes
Mountain Fizz Mountain Dew Various Episodes

Henry Doheny

Harry Houdini The Great Doheny
zaplook.com Google.com
Squiggles Skittles
Jen and Barry's Ice Cream Buffet Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Emporium
Chambrulay Hotel Chamberlain (W. Hollywood) Drake and Josh: Go Hollywood
Bububes Jujubes Drew & Jerry
Whizzlers Twizzlers
Megathon Bar Marathon Bar
Milford Mouse Mickey Mouse The Demonator
Chuck E. Cheddar's Chuck E. Cheese's
Gary Coleman Grill George Foreman Grill The Gary Grill
Galaxy Wars Star Wars
Space Trek Star Trek The Demonator
Inside-Out-Burger In-n-Out Burger
MapTrek MapQuest Megan’s Revenge
B.F. Wangs P.F. Changs
Pump My Room Pimp My Ride I Love Sushi
Pintendo GS Nintendo DS Megan’s New Teacher
GameSphere Nintendo GameCube The Bet
FBI's Most Wanted America's Most Wanted Theater Thug
Canadian Idol American Idol
Drew & Jerry Drake and Josh Drew & Jerry
Mystic Mountain Six Flags: Magic Mountain The Demonator
Good Morning Today Good Morning America
Smart Aid Rite Aid
Groove Machine Dance Dance Revolution Helen’s Surgery
Dance Party America Dance Party USA
Pear Company Apple Inc.
Ghostmonsters Ghostbusters Drew & Jerry
The Premiere Metropolitan Camino Real Cinemas
Youdonia Rondonia We’re Married
Peach Company Apple Company
Eye of The Mummy Revenge of The Mummy
Spider Monday Spider monkey
Boobtube (mentioned by Megan) YouTube
Daka Nike Really Big Shrimp
PFCR (People for chicken's rights) PETA ( People for the Ethical treatment of animals) Paging Dr. Drake
Animal channel Animal planet
Sussanna Louisiana Hannah Montana
Dr. Phyllis Show Dr. Phill show Dr. Phyllis Show
Steered straight program Scared straight program Steered Straight
G-O iPod Drake & Josh: Go Hollywood
San Diego Performance Center Staples Center (Los Angeles, CA)