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Henry Doheny-Lexi
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Age Group: 17
Birthday: November 21, 1989
Mother: Umnamed Mother
Husband: Umnamed Husband
Friends: Drake Parker (ex-boyfriend)
Production Info
Portrayed by: Dianna Argon
Only Appearance: The Great Doheny

Lexi is a character in Drake & Josh.

History and Personality[]

  • She was first seen on a date with Drake at The Premiere. She claimed that she is able to put her whole fist into her mouth. Before she could complete, a magician named Henry Doheny made her disappear. Drake asked where she is, but Henry said he can't reveal his secret. When he and Josh are arguing about Henry, they discover she magically wound up in the popcorn machine, She still seems to be fascinated with other cultures, shown when she asked Drake where Rome is. She also was freaked out when she ended up in the popcorn machine, so She is able to put her whole fist in her mouth.