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Lenny Spodnick
Lenny Spodnick
Character Statistics
Birthday: March 10, 1970
Alias: Guy with the eyepatch (Megan)
Foam Finger Guy (Drake and Josh)
Employment: Sell Foam Finger
Sell Bobbleheads.
Ex-Wife: Unnamed ex-wife
Friends: Drake Parker
Josh Nichols
Megan Parker
Production Info
Portrayed by: Fred Stoller
Only Appearance: Foam Finger

Lenny Spodnick was a character that appeared in Foam Finger. He came to Drake and Josh's house to help the family figure out what really happened when Drake and Josh were 8 years old. Lenny tells everyone he was the guy who worked at the Padres stadium selling foam fingers 8 years ago, but he got promoted to selling bobbleheads. Lenny told everyone the story of what actually happened, where Drake and Josh were fighting over the last foam finger, but Megan actually threw a cookie at them which caused Drake and Josh to fight each other causing several police officers to stop their fight. Lenny helped Drake and Josh stop arguing about one another "ruining each other's childhood". Once Lenny leaves their house, he gave out one of his bobbleheads he sells at the Padres stadium. At the end of the episode when Drake and Josh reconcile, Josh gives Drake the bobblehead Lenny gave him.


  • Lenny claimed to have an ex-wife who would steal his money, when Lenny said "Thanks, my ex-wife ain't getting her paws on this".
  • A lawyer Lenny knew found him due to this eyepatch.
  • People can easily identify Lenny because of his eyepatch.