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Josh and Leah Laughing
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Birthday: December 8, 1989
Height: 5"6"
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Interests: Pump My Room
Employment: A worker at The Premiere
Ethnicity: Japanese/Korean Mix
Brothers: Hewitt (older brother)
Friends: Josh Nichols
Drake Parker
Craig Ramirez
Eric Blonowitz
Production Info
Portrayed by: Cathy Shim
First Appearance: I Love Sushi
Last Appearance: Helicopter

Leah is an employee at The Premiere, where she works alongside Josh, Crazy Steve, and Gavin. She is the least seen out of the four employees, though.

Leah and Josh appear to be good friends, as she can often be seen talking to him, and notably comforting him in the episode Helicopter. She also appears to be quite frightened of Crazy Steve and of "his enchiladas". She is usually seen working.


Season 4[]