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Kelly Hayfer
Kelly Hayfer
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Birthday: October 13, 1989
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Mother: Alice Hayfer
Father: Jerald Hayfer
Ex-Boyfriend: Drake Parker
Pets: Tiberius (dog)
Production Info
Portrayed by: Chelsea Brummet
First Appearance: Little Diva
Last Appearance: Mean Teacher

Kelly Hayfer is Alice Hayfer and Jerald Hayfer's daughter. She is one of Drake Parker's ex-girlfriends. They dated in the episode, Mean Teacher. She was mentioned in Little Diva.

About Kelly Hayfer[]

Kelly laughs a lot, which Drake considers as "inappropriate laughing". Due to that, Drake wants to break up with her. Drake is worried that they're going to stay together, get married, and have little "inappropriate laughing children" and Josh says Mrs. Hayfer is going to be his mother-in-law which was made worse by her mother threatening Drake with sending him to summer school if he breaks up with Kelly.

So, Drake instead tries to make Kelly to break up with him, first by acting gross on a dinner date, which fails due to Kelly liking to act that way too and later by lying he was moving to Africa, both times unsuccessfully.

Also, Kelly has a friend named Allison who is a model and like Josh, loves magic tricks and video games, much to Josh's delight.

Eventually Kelly decides to break up with him when Drake wears Josh's lucky shirt, much to his delight.