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Josh Is Done
Season 4, Episode 11
Josh Is Done
Air date February 11, 2007
Written by Ethan Banville
Directed by Adam Weissman
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Josh Is Done is the eleventh episode of the fourth season of Drake & Josh.


Drake has taken advantage of Josh for the last time and Josh decides that he is done dealing with Drake. Drake says that he's fine with this, but when Josh's life improves and Drake's goes down the drain, this rocker begins crooning a different tune.


In the opening scene, Drake and Josh both talk about their upcoming chemistry test for school. While Josh is studying, Drake calls him on the phone and convinces him to play ping-pong with him despite Josh's protests.

Josh goes upstairs to his and Drake's room while continuing to study. The two-play ping-pong, but Josh accidentally throws his paddle and breaks the window. Drake heads downstairs to retrieve the ball, where Megan is in the kitchen playing whale sounds. Drake then gets a call from Kat who wants to make out before class while Megan continues to play whale sounds, much to Drake's annoyance, who later leaves to go to school without informing Josh. Afterwards, Josh comes to the kitchen and realizes Drake left without him. He asks Megan to let him carpool with her friend to school but she says that her class is not going to school because they are going on a whale-watching trip. Josh plans to use his bike but Megan informs him that Drake ran over it last night, so Josh is forced to run to school as quickly as possible.

Josh arrives seconds late for his chemistry class, sweaty and panicked, and Mr. Roland declares that since he is late, he is not welcome in the class. Josh tries to explain himself, but Mr. Roland does not listen and tells Josh that he will have to make up the chemistry exam on Saturday morning and will be automatically marked down one letter grade. Josh yells at Drake who simply replies "What?" which infuriates Josh causing him to try to attack Drake before being restrained by Mr. Roland and the other students and forced out of the class. Josh pleads for another chance through the door and windows, but Mr. Roland closes the blinds to cover him and announces to the class that the exam has started.

At home, Josh is reading a book and greets Megan as she comes back from her trip. She shows him a plushie of a killer whale she bought at the souvenir shop which makes whale sounds when squeezed and releases drinkable juice from its blowhole. Drake comes home after the exam (which he most likely failed) and notices Josh's silence towards him. He presents him with a green bouncy ball that he sits and hops on to try and cheer Josh up, but Josh is unamused and ignores him. Megan questions the source of the bouncy ball as their neighbor Robbie Carmichael has a ball just like it, insinuating that Drake stole it, but Drake quickly denies it. He asks Josh to stop being mad at him, but Josh calmly states that he is not angry, he is simply done with Drake and wants nothing to do with him. Drake sarcastically asks him if he'll move out of the house, but Josh responds that he will not because he lives there and will consider Drake nothing more than a roommate until the day he leaves for college. Megan is shocked and states that Drake has really pushed Josh too far this time, but Drake doesn't take it seriously and thinks Josh will come around in a day or two, though Megan is skeptical and states that he sounded serious. A moment later, Robbie angrily comes in and picks up his bouncy ball exclaiming that he knew Drake took it before kicking him in the leg.

Five days later, Josh is at The Premiere hanging out with Leah, Craig, and Eric, laughing while Eric tells a story. Crazy Steve interrupts and asks Josh if he can help him with the popcorn machine but Josh says that he is off duty and asks if he can ask someone else for help, which causes Crazy Steve to lash out and flip Craig's chair and throw Eric's hot dog. Drake arrives and asks Josh which bad movie they should see, as it is their tradition to watch the worst movie on the first Tuesday of the month which they call "Bad Movie Tuesday", but Josh says that he has plans to watch a laser light show downtown and leaves with Craig and Eric. Drake is frustrated and asks Josh when he will stop being mad at him as it has been about five days, but Josh reminds him once again that he is not mad, he is just done with him.

Later, Drake is sitting on his bed fiddling with his guitar and drinks juice from Megan's whale plushie before she comes in and snatches it from him, stating that she does not want him drinking from it without asking her. She then asks Drake if he has even pulled himself out of bed that day, to which he sullenly tells her to go play with her plushie. She counters that Drake must be upset since he does not have a brother anymore, but Drake says that he is fine if Josh does not want him in his life anymore and that Josh's life would fall apart without him because Josh needs him more than Drake needs Josh, of which Megan is once again skeptical. Josh enters the room and happily tells Megan that not only did he ace his chemistry exam, Mr. Roland was so impressed that he did not mark down his grade. He also mentions that a cute girl at the grocery store has asked him out on a date and that he and Helen have been getting along a lot better lately and he leaves to play racquetball with her at the gym. Megan tells Drake that it does not sound like Josh's life is falling apart. Drake continues fiddling with his guitar, but the strings snap and he lies sulking in bed.

At the premiere, Josh hands popcorn to a woman who generously tips him six dollars which he happily accepts. Craig and Eric come to return Josh's rash cream as he had left it in their car, but he tells them that he does not need it anymore as his rash is gone. Craig is curious why Josh's rash would go away after 3 years but Josh is unsure and says that his doctor said it could have been stress related. Eric inquires further and finds out that it disappeared around the same time that Josh kicked Drake out of his life. Crazy Steve asks Josh how his racquetball game with Helen went and he says that he won, much to Steve and Leah's astonishment as Helen is a professional. Drake comes in, angry and sweaty, and yells at Josh for not filling enough gas in the car forcing him to walk all the way to the theater. Josh responds that he only adds enough gas for himself now. Drake callously responds that he does not need Josh to give him a free ticket this time because their mom gave him ten dollars to leave the house. Leah tells him that movie tickets at the premiere are eleven dollars and Eric adds that popcorn and soda will cost him another six or seven. Drake angrily exclaims that he does not need a ticket and marches inside the theater past the ticket checker, prompting Josh to call security. As he is being dragged out, he says that he knows Josh and requests that he vouch for him to the guards, but Josh says that he does not know Drake, much to Drake's surprise, who yells that Josh will regret this and that he needs him while being escorted out.

At school, Drake barely makes it to chemistry class on time as Josh is usually the one that wakes him up for school. Kat notices a zit on Drake's face which causes him to freak out as he says that he does not get zits. Mr. Roland tells him to sit down but Drake notices that Roki is sitting in his usual spot next to Josh. Josh tells Drake that he is no longer his lab partner as Mr. Roland has allowed him to switch, so Drake is paired with the eccentric Clayton who cannot speak coherently. Mr. Roland tells the class to begin their experiments, but Drake is unsure of what to do as Josh is usually the one who does everything. Eric tries to help Drake, but Mr. Roland tells him no talking. Drake ends up mixing two chemicals randomly causing the solution to fizz out of control and spill onto his hands causing a chemical reaction. Craig shouts that there is a chemical emergency and pulls the lab alarm which prompts Mr. Roland to put Drake in the shower to decontaminate him. Drake is vigorously drenched with water and steam and exits the shower while clutching his eye in pain. Humiliated and upset, Drake reaches his breaking point and sincerely apologizes to Josh for all the things he has done. He admits that he needs Josh in his life way more than Josh needs him, and although he is probably the worst brother in the world and Josh's life is way better off without him, he needs Josh in his life too. Drake tearfully exits the classroom, leaving Josh and the class to process Drake's apology. Mr. Roland asks Josh if he would like to talk to Drake, but Josh declines and they continue their experiments.

At the end, Drake lies alone and saddened on top of the ping-pong table in his room while repeatedly bouncing a ping-pong ball. Megan enters with Drake's guitar and asks why Drake didn't ask her why she took his guitar. When Drake asks, Megan says that she used it to kill a spider, but Drake is unconcerned, much to her ire as she says it is not fun to taunt him if he shows no reaction. He asks Megan if she would like to play ping-pong with him, but she declines and as he is about to set the paddle down, Josh bursts into the room and boldly challenges Drake to a game with a goofy voice. Drake tries to speak to him but Josh interrupts him with a goofy voice once again and challenges him. He smiles at Drake, indicating that he has forgiven him, and Drake smiles back and responds to his challenge with a goofy voice too (as they had done in the beginning of the episode). The two brothers reconcile and enthusiastically start playing ping-pong.

During the end credits (scene is set at the beginning of the episode), Josh says Drake is obsessed with ping-pong, and he should be studying, also revealing that Drake got the table from the dump behind a gas station. At the premiere, Leah asks Josh if he got a haircut or whitened his teeth, but Josh says that he has not and asks why she thinks so. She tells him that he just looks very good, and Josh says that he feels very good, too.



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  • Audrey and Walter were absent in this episode.
  • Drake and Josh dub their voices to sound like martial arts actors who star in plenty of kung fu movies while they play ping-pong in their bedroom. A gong can be seen on Drake's bedpost.
  • Megan mentions about how choppy the water was on the whale watching trip that she went on with her class to Drake and also states that Janie threw up on their teacher.
  • Amanda Bynes starred in a movie called "She's the Man", and Drake and Josh normally use real-movie gag posters with slightly altered titles as a Running Gag. Drake and Josh started on The Amanda Show, (Really Big Shrimp's ending has a clip from the show) hosted by Amanda Bynes. This was probably a small token of appreciation from Dan Schneider who created both shows.
  • This episode is very similar to the Seinfeld episode, The Chicken Roaster, since both have characters switch places and personalities. In Seinfeld, Jerry and Kramer switch rooms, and a red light from across the street makes Jerry act like Kramer and vice-versa. In Drake & Josh, Josh wants nothing to do with Drake, therefore becoming calmer, happier, and losing his rash, whereas Drake becomes accident-prone, shouts a lot, gets pimples, and grows to realize he needs Josh way more than Josh needs him.
  • Stop-and-Shop is a grocery store mainly found in the Northeastern part of the US.
  • This is the second time Josh has gotten good luck while Drake has gotten bad luck. The first time was in Mean Teacher.
  • This is the highest-rated episode of the series on IMDb.
  • This episode is the second and final appearance of Robbie. Robbie comes into Drake & Josh's house to angrily kick Drake in the leg after Drake stole his sit 'n bounce.
  • According to this episode, movie tickets at the Premiere cost around $11 while a snack and a drink would cost around another $6 or $7.
  • Tom Virtue, the actor who plays Mr. Roland, also played Joey Ferguson in the Victorious episode Freak the Freak Out.
  • This episode was originally intended to be episode 15 of this season, but it aired as episode 11.
  • Some comments on YouTube clips of this episode have claimed that this episode is the darkest and most dramatic of the series, especially when Josh tells Drake that he is done with him. Also, the episode "Dr. Phyllis Show" could foreshadow the events of this episode.


  • When Crazy Steve freaks out and sprays himself with a spray bottle, Josh calms him down and he sets the bottle down on its side leading him to put his head down on the register. Throughout the scene, the bottle repeatedly goes from standing up to on its side. In that same scene, a stunt double of Eric is visible with his face blurred out when Crazy Steve flipped him and his chair up.
  • When Drake comes inside and apologizes to Josh and shows him the sit 'n bounce, the studio lights are reflecting on the sit 'n bounce.
  • When Drake comes to the movies and said he didn't need Josh's help to see it, he just went in after he realized he didn't have enough money for tickets and never told anyone what theater he was in or what movie he's seeing, but Josh somehow knew when he called security.
    • However, Josh says Drake went to Theater 7, so Josh probably knew where Drake went judging by the direction he went to.
  • Drake was late to chemistry, but was there in time before Mr. Roland locked the door. After Drake came in, Mr. Roland locked the door, but when Drake was done apologizing to Josh, Drake walked out without unlocking the door. There was no sign of anyone unlocking it beforehand.
  • When Drake and Josh are playing ping pong at the end, a string is visible from the ball.
    • Also, when they are playing ping pong in the cold open, the ball hits the court before Drake can hit it.
    • Plus, when the ball hits the window, the window gets smashed before the ball could hit it.
  • Despite being a plot device, a teacher is not allowed to kick a student out of class just for being tardy or late nor can a teacher make a student take a makeup exam on a Saturday.
  • It is not revealed how Drake and Josh got the car back after Drake said the car ran out of gas, although Drake may have called the towing company.
  • When Drake arrives to class at the last second, Mr. Roland closes the door and locks it. But when Drake gets put into the power shower, the door is open, but closed again right before Drake leaves the classroom.
  • While Mr. Roland takes Drake to the power shower after a chemical accident, Roki is seen just looking at Drake heading in there. However, as the scene cuts to Drake getting in, Roki is seen holding the door to the shower and then closing it.
  • The students should have been wearing lab coats while doing the chemical experiment.
  • Right before Kat mentions Drake's zit, the boom mic briefly dips into the shot.
  • Kat says Drake got a zit on his face, but in the next scene where Drake is at home lying on the ping pong table looking all tired and upset, he has no zit.
    • It's possible he got rid of the zit when he got home.
  • Robbie should’ve gotten in trouble for barging into Drake and Josh's house with no permission in order to retrieve his sit 'n bounce back.
    • It’s likely Robbie told his parents about his stolen sit ‘n bounce and asked them if he can go Drake and Josh’s house to get it back.
  • The Premiere Theater marquee lists "Cookie & Mischief", "Hungry Girl", "Bacon and Legs", "Blue Legume", "Pete & Sam's", and "Kissed Her Sister". Inside the Premiere, "Blue Legume" and "Kissed Her Sister" are labelled as "now playing", but "Hungry Girl" and "Bacon and Legs" are labelled as "coming soon".
    • "Beauty and the Yeast", "She's the Dude" are also listed as "currently playing" inside the premier but are not listed on the marquee. Drake also mentions "Just My Truck" as "currently playing", but it's not seen on the marquee or in a poster.