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Josh-Mindy Relationship
Mindys Back Josh and Mindy Kiss
Relationship Information
Ship Name: Jindy
Between: Josh Nichols
Mindy Crenshaw
Kind of Pairing: Rivals then later Romantic
Status: Dating/In Love/ Married
Start of Relationship: Mindy's Back
Break Up: Really Big Shrimp
Make Up: Really Big Shrimp
Ship Rivals: Drake-Josh (Siblings)

Megan-Mindy Friendship
Drake-Mindy Conflict
Mindy-Chad (Cousins)

Series Information
Portrayed By: Josh Peck
Allison Scagliotti
First Appearance: Mindy's Back
Last Appearance: Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh
Season(s): Season 2
Season 3
Season 4

The Josh-Mindy Relationship (known as Jindy or Mish) is the relationship between Josh Nichols and Mindy Crenshaw. Mindy was Drake and Josh's rival and enemy when she appeared on Honor Council. Then on Mindy's Back, Mindy says she likes Josh, and they get together; however, he needs to tell Drake that he and Mindy are a couple, or Mindy will break up with him. But this moment cause Drake's head to explode in Josh's dream. In the end, they get back together and kiss. In Mindy Loves Josh, Mindy tells Josh that she loves him. Josh panics and cannot decide what to do. They break up but get back together in Really Big Shrimp.


Season 2[]

Honor Council

  • Josh defended Drake in a trial in front of the school honor council to prove Drake was innocence
  • Mindy represented Mrs. Hayfer
  • Josh went through Mindy's Transcript and found out she got a B from Mrs. Hayfer
  • Mindy ends up to confess that she put Mrs. Hayfer's car in her classroom
  • Mindy gets Suspended

Season 3[]

Mindy's Back

  • Mindy Returns from the mental rehabilitation clinic
  • Mindy beats Josh at the science fair again.
  • Mindy picked Josh to be her partner for a war project.
  • Mindy and Josh end up at Josh's house working together.
  • Mindy confesses that she likes Josh, and Josh says the same to Mindy.
  • Mindy and Josh began dating.
  • They broke up briefly because Josh didn't tell Drake about their relationship. Since Drake dislikes Mindy, and Mindy dislikes Drake.
  • But they get back together again at the end after Drake helps Josh win her back.

Playing the Field

  • Josh Grew a new mustache
  • Mindy wanted Josh to shave his mustache before she would kiss him
  • Mindy asked Megan to shave off Josh's Mustache while Josh was sleeping, but Megan only shaved off half

Girl Power

  • Mindy invited Josh to meet her parents, and Josh pleased them.
  • Josh later invited Mindy and her parents to his House.
  • After seeing Drake fighting with his girlfriend and destroying the living room, Mindy's parents forbid Josh from dating Mindy.
  • Josh, distraught, yells at his brother about how he ruined the last chance to convince Mindy's parents, his relationship, how he always ruins everything and how he does not care what Drake thinks about her because she is the greatest thing to ever happen to him.
  • Mindy's parents become touched by Josh's speech, consequently understandings their feelings for each other and allowing them to keep dating.

The Demonator

  • Josh said that Mindy made a book of all the letters they give to each other during their classes

Season 4[]

Mindy Loves Josh

  • Mindy told Josh she loved him, and he didn't know what to say
  • Josh had a conversation with Drake, and Drake made Josh believe that Mindy wanted to win the Science Fair easily.
  • Josh won the fair but discover she let him win when Mindy showed Josh the real power of her science fair project
  • Josh felt guilt, and he gave her his trophy and medal, saying that he would win too, but only when he deserved it.
  • Mindy says that she loves Josh
  • Mindy and Josh decided to break up so that they could date other people and have more experiences

Eric Punches Drake

  • Mindy's Cousin Chad came for a visit.
  • Josh seems to be jealous about the supposed Mindy and Chad were dating.
  • Mindy provoked Josh with Chad, which Josh started to hate.
  • In the end, Mindy explained that Chad was her cousin and that he was new to the town, and she was showing him around,
  • Mindy and Josh kissed passionately, and Mindy reciprocated, agreeing that they still were broken up.

Really Big Shrimp

  • Mindy fixed the corn dog rotisserie, which makes Helen impressed, deciding to hire her to be the new assistant manager of the Premiere, upsetting Josh, who always wanted to use the gold vest.
  • Josh and Mindy had a conversation; Josh confronted her and said that she loves to beat him in everything and she is doing this only for the pleasure of winning him.
  • Mindy confessed that she only took the job to spend more time with Josh and that she regrets them breaking up about 45 minutes after they broke up.
  • Mindy and Josh passionately kissed, resuming their relationship again.

Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh[]

  • Mindy would spend the holidays with her grandmother and family instead of Josh, who is very sad about it.
  • Mindy quickly returns, worried about him, when she hears that he was injured. It is notable to say that they are still together after one year.