Not to be confused with Jerry Trainor.

Jerry is a minor character in Drake & Josh. He appeared in the episode Drew & Jerry.

Personality and Traits

He was hanging out with Drake to make Josh jealous. Jerry is Josh's look-a-like. Like Drake and Drew, Jerry has the same appearance, personality and hobbies as Josh. Jerry loves magic tricks, he loves video games, he repeats things for emphasis and, according to Megan, has the same giant head as Josh. Jerry also dances like Josh. Jerry performs at the magic palace because he is a professional magician. He later becomes best friends with Drew and does a TV show with him. Jerry hasn't been seen on the show since. Jerry is portrayed by Stephen Markarian.


  • His actor, Stephen Markarian, is known for starring as Albert Wormenheimer on Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, another Nickelodeon show.