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I Love Sushi
Season 4, Episode 7
I Love Sushi
Air date November 26, 2006
Written by Dan Schneider
Directed by Steve Hoefer
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I Love Sushi is the seventh episode of the fourth season of Drake & Josh.


The boys get a job packing fish at the sushi factory after robbers steal their furniture. Meanwhile, Megan is too busy to harass the boys, so she appoints an assistant, Tyler, to help out.


In the opening, Drake and Josh both say when one gets the other involved in one of their little adventures, things go bad. After they both ask, "know what I mean?", the viewer does, and they both decide to move along with the episode.

As an anniversary gift for Audrey and Walter, Drake and Josh agreed to have their living room redecorated by the company of a show called "Pump My Room", but the company turned out to be a major scam. Megan gets too busy to prank Drake and Josh so she hires a young boy named Tyler who comes in the house and gives Drake and Josh nachos by using super sticky cheese leaving their mouths full of nachos which makes their mouths muffled. At the Premiere, Drake and Josh revealed that they won when their house gets featured in "Pump My Room". In the evening, Drake, Josh, and their parents come home as they were going to "redecorate" the living room. However, they found out that the furniture in the living room has been stolen by the “Pump My Room” crew.

Sergeant Doty and another police officer come in and also refused to help because one of them suffered due to Walter's bad weather predictions. Tyler pops his head from the kitchen and throws an egg at Sergeant Doty, who gets mad at Drake and Josh causing them to do 50 pushups, while Megan and Tyler are both satisfied that Drake and Josh did it instead of them. The next day, Drake and Josh get an interview and decide to work at a sushi factory to pay for all the stuff that was stolen. The head-chef in the sushi place is very bossy and mean and makes the two work very hard to package the sushi with disastrous results and are presumably fired.

When they come home, they realize all the furniture is back where it belongs because the police discovered the robbers' moving van had broken down about a half mile up the street. At the end, Drake and Josh both got trapped inside a net thinking that Tyler did it. However, it was revealed that Megan did it instead after she fired Tyler leaving them on the floor while stuck inside the net for the rest of the night.

During the end credits, it features a black and white "I Love Lucy" style clip of Drake and Josh working at a sushi factory.



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  • The sushi factory scene is a parody tribute to the I Love Lucy episode "Job Switching."
    • Also, the sushi factory is called the "Ball & Vance Fish Company", named after I Love Lucy's main actors Lucille Ball and Vivian Vance.
    • The episode was also parodied on shows like Sabrina: The Teenage Witch, The Mr. Men Show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Family Guy, and A.N.T. Farm.
  • A clip of this episode was seen in the Victorious episode, Who Did it to Trina? in Cat's flashback.
  • Part of the episode's plot is recycled from the Kenan & Kel episode, "Attack of the Bug Men," when robbers stole their furniture.
  • Drake is revealed to be still in shock about Walter marrying his mother after 5 years.
  • Sergeant Doty is possibly named after George Doty IV, who wrote six of the show's episodes.
  • This was the last episode to premiere in 2006, the final year of the show’s production.
  • This is the only episode Tyler pranks Drake, Josh, and Sergeant Doty.
  • Drake and Josh's house being empty and them entering the Pump My Room contest was not mentioned in the episode Steered Straight.
  • This is the only episode where neither Drake nor Josh tells a story in the intro.
  • This is the only time the exterior of the house's front porch was shown.
  • When Drake and Josh have their mouths muffled from the sticky cheese that Tyler placed into their nachos, it seems to imitate Sean Whalen as the history buff on the first Got Milk? commercial which aired on TV in 1993 because of the way that the crew managed to put a peanut butter sandwich in his mouth at that time before Drake and Josh made its debut as a sitcom on Nickelodeon a few years later.
  • This is the only time in the entire series where the background to the end credits isn’t a black screen and the deleted scene isn’t in a square or rectangle.
  • Moral: Never enter contests that could be scams or not even real.
  • In the book adaption "Josh is Done" it is revealed that the sticky cheese from the nachos was removed using 10 cups of hot water with lemon.


  • When Drake and Josh are working, the clock in the background does not move. It can be interpreted that the clock is broken or is not plugged in at all.
  • Walter and Audrey said that the police found the robbers' moving van, with all the stolen furniture, broken down about half a mile up the street from their house. The furniture was stolen on a Saturday (the scammers told Drake and Josh to keep their house empty "this Saturday... from 11am to 5pm") and Drake and Josh's brief stint at the sushi factory took place on the next Saturday (the man who directed them to the job told them to "be there Saturday morning, eight o'clock), after which they came home to discover all the furniture returned. It seems strange that it would take the police a whole week to find a van that was so close to the house, and that the thieves would leave it there for so long without trying to fix it or move the furniture in some other way.
  • In this episode Audrey and Walter are supposed to be celebrating their five-year anniversary. However, only two episodes before this in Who's Got Game?, Josh said that he moved in with Drake three years ago. (Josh moved in with Drake at the same time Walter and Audrey got married)
  • The supervisor told the boys that they'd be fired if any sushi pushed through unboxed. When Drake first threw the sushi onto the ceiling a piece of sushi went through unboxed without either of them noticing. Two more pieces of sushi went through unboxed before the conveyor belt stopped but then when the supervisor came in, they were back on the conveyor belt. Then after the supervisor sped the belt up a few more pieces went through unboxed, and Drake even pushed a bunch of unboxed pieces through.
  • The boys also should have been fired for eating the sushi and for chucking them onto the ceiling. It’s unknown whether they were fired or just quit, though it’s mostly likely they resigned.
  • When Drake said "She's coming back, hurry" there were several pieces of sushi in front of both of them on the conveyor belt. When the camera turned to Josh there were only 3 pieces on the conveyor belt.
  • Tyler brings Drake and Josh some nachos but in the next scene where Drake and Josh are eating the nachos, he's in the kitchen with Megan watching them eat but he couldn't have just went in the kitchen because he just took Josh's money and then left, however it could be possible that Tyler quietly snuck back in the house without Drake and Josh or the camera seeing him or even hearing him come in as the front door didn't even make any sound or him walking in the kitchen.
  • When Drake and Josh stuff so many nacho chips in their mouths making it hard for them to talk, if you look closely and can hear carefully that they don't have any nachos in their mouths as they're just pretending to not talk very well because you can see that they open their mouths a few times when they're surprised at Tyler's pranks.
  • In the scene where everything is gone and Tyler begins to throw an egg at the police officer, Tyler wasn't heard or seen coming in the house and sneaking in the kitchen, but Megan somehow knew that he was coming over to torture Drake and Josh more even though she was in the backyard.
  • Audrey says that she'll bring Walter some juice and he asks for pineapple juice but Audrey doesn't even know that she's got juice because everything is gone, you can see that the cupboards are empty and the shelves so maybe their fridge could be empty too, also Megan says she'll get Walter some juice instead but then she tells the police officer that she's not getting him some juice so Walter didn't even yell down saying where his juice is.
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