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Honor Council
Season 2, Episode 14
Air date November 28, 2004
Written by Eric Friedman
Directed by Virgil Fabian
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Honor Council is the fourteenth and last episode of the second season of Drake & Josh.


Drake and Josh must go up in front of the school's Honor Council to prove Drake's innocence after he is accused of parking Mrs. Hayfer's car in the middle of her classroom.


In the opening comments, Josh gives the viewers good advice to do the right things while Drake gives them bad advice to do the wrong things.

Drake is wrongfully accused of pulling a prank on Mrs. Hayfer when her car is parked inside her classroom. Nonetheless, she suspends him for it. Josh decides to defend Drake in a trial in front of the school honor council to prove his brother's innocence, but Mrs. Hayfer is represented by his archenemy Mindy Crenshaw.

Mindy interrogates Drake until he looks guilty through all of her evidence, but Drake and Josh receive one more piece of evidence from Megan. They obtain Mindy's transcript, where they realize the only B she had was in a class taught by Mrs. Hayfer and taunt her until she admits to pulling the prank and framing Drake. When she does admit it, Mindy is suspended, and Drake is cleared of all charges. Mrs. Hayfer uneasily apologizes to Drake for accusing him of putting her car in her classroom. Drake accepts and appreciates the apology from Mrs. Hayfer even though she tells him that she still hates him, which he knows.

During the end credits, a girl comes up to Drake that he's innocent and cute and thinks his drawings are cool, which terrifies Drake. Mr. Thompson told her that she needs to go back to her seat, but she ends up saying "Free Drake!" The girl tells Drake that she loves him and runs back to her seat, which leaves Mindy worried.



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  • This episode is based on Family Matter's Presumed Urkel.
  • This is the first episode since Football where the Premiere Theater isn't shown.
  • It's revealed that Josh is allergic to cats just like his stepsister, Megan is on the show. Megan and Addie both place a kitten on Josh when he's sleeping as seen on MeganParker.com which appears only on Mindy's laptop. This happens after they put lipstick on his lips first before the kitten is placed on his face.
  • This is the last episode to premiere on Sunday nights until Josh Runs Into Oprah premiered.
  • In this episode, it is revealed that at Walter's sister Sarah's wedding, Drake unleashed a stink bomb, and Drake made an assumption that even Walter hates his sister.
  • It is revealed that Megan has her own website (meganparker.com), which is similar to Penelope Taynt's

    Addie's cameo until Unfabulous

    website (amandaplease.com) from The Amanda Show, only that meganparker.com redirects to iCarly.com.
  • This is the first episode Drake refers to his stepdad as Walter.
  • Drake mentions him getting suspended by Mindy in the episode Mindy's Back.
  • This is the only time Mindy and Mrs. Hayfer appear in the same episode. It is possible that Mindy got removed from her class after confessing that she parked her car in her classroom.
  • This is the first and only episode where Mrs. Hayfer apologizes to Drake for mistreating him after thinking he's the one that put her car in her classroom even though she still hates him.
  • This was the last episode to air in 2004.
  • This is the last episode featuring FilmLook graphics.
  • This is the last episode featuring the Season 1 theme song. Season 3 will have a new theme song.
  • This is the last episode where Josh is chubby, starting from Season 3-onwards he started to lose weight.
  • This is the last episode where the end credits scroll, barring Merry Christmas Drake & Josh.
  • While Mindy does not have a perfect grade record, she may still have a 4.0 GPA (since she boldly claimed so while she knew Drake and Josh had her transcript on them). This may be because the class she got a B in was from middle school, which would not affect her high school GPA (and it was stated that this class was taken two years ago). Or, she may have retaken the course to replace the B with an A.
    • If the class was indeed from middle school, that would mean Mrs. Hayfer teaches both high school and middle school (or, she taught middle school in the past and switched over to high school later). Since Megan's First Kiss revealed that the high school Drake and Josh attend shares a building with the lower school, this is highly possible.


  • When Josh is about to prove Mindy guilty, he says that Mrs. Hayfer's first name is Alice, but in "Vicious Tiberius," while watching a video of Mrs. Hayfer on "Search for the Stars," her first name is Linda. However, Alice or Linda could be her middle name.
  • Drake and Josh should be the plaintiffs, not the defense. A plaintiff brings a case before the court and the defense responds to it. Josh brought the case before the Honor Council and Mindy/Mrs. Hayfer are the ones responding to it.
  • In the part with meganparker.com, Megan puts a kitten on Josh's face because he's allergic to cats. In the episode "First Crush," it is revealed that Megan is also allergic.
    • Megan may have lied about being allergic to cats as a way to fool Josh in the other episode of the show.
  • After Drake was cleared, Audrey and Walter should've sued Mrs. Hayfer for falsely accusing him of the incident. It is surprising that they didn't do so as a team.
  • Josh had a smoking gun of evidence to prove that Drake was innocent. Drake obviously isn't smart enough to put a car into a classroom (since that would imply, he knows how to disassemble a car and reassemble it, which he almost certainly doesn't). In "Dune Buggy", Josh did all the work, repairing the Dune Buggy, so Drake wouldn't be able to pull off a prank like this. Also, Drake doesn't have his driver's license. However, no one else points this out, not even Mrs. Hayfer.
  • Closed captions misspelled "Hayfer" as "Haeffer".
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