Drake and Josh Wiki

Ear Magic Trick[]

Ear Magic Trick

Josh was Showing Henry Doheny a Coin Trick, which involved Josh pick up the coin from Henry Doheny's ear. Henry did a Bloody ear Magic Trick. Blood came out of Henry's ear and onto Josh

Bunny Magic Trick[]

Bunny Magic Trick

Henry told Magic to reach into the decrative trash can. Which Megan finds a Bunny in the Trash Decrative Trash Can

Card Magic Trick[]

Couch Card Trick

Henry Doheny told Drake to Pick a Card, and put the Card back. Then told Drake to Couch, which made Drake's card come out of his mouth.

Closet Magic Trick[]

Closet Magic Trick

Josh was going to get wear his Pajams, while Henry Doheny Magical poof out out of Josh's Closet.

Food Magic Trick[]

Food Magic Trick

Henry Doheny came over for to vist Josh. Later Josh Made Henry someone Lunch . After hading the over to, Henry Doheny magic poof all the foods on he had on a plate into his stomach.

Drake's Date[]

Drake's Date Magic Trick

Drake was have a Date a the Primere and Henry walk by, and put a sheet over Drake's Date. Henry did a Magic trick that made Drake's date Disappear, and poof into the pop corn machine box.

Bald Head[]

Bald Head Magic Trick

Walter kept ask Henry Doheny to show him a Magic Trick, so Henry put a Sheet over Walter's body, and then made Walters Bald.

The Box of Impalement[]

4 Sword Magic Tricks

Drake and Josh did a magic show with Henry Doheny, which they Henry went into the Box of Impalement. Drake and Josh then put 4 sword threw the Box of Impalement. Then Josh Point to the spot Henry Doheny was suppose to poof up. But Henry Doheny didn't poof, Drake and Josh open the box and called a Doctor. Which the Doctor check Henry Boss and Thought Henry was Dead. However, Henry actual fake his head, sicne he poof up right front of the Audience of his Fuernal.

Transparents Trouser Trick[]

Transparent Trouser Magic Trick

Josh told Henry that his Box of Impalent Magic trick was better than the Transparent Trousers trick. Then Henry Doheny decided to do the Transparent Trouser trick on Drake and Josh. Which change Drake and Joshes pants to trousers.