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Henry Doheny
Henry Doheny
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Birthday: November 22, 1968
Height: 6’2”
Hair Color: White
Interests: Magic, putting on magic shows
Lives In: Carson, California
Employment: Magician
Friends: Drake
Production Info
Portrayed by: Steve Tom
Only Appearance: The Great Doheny

Henry Doheny (also known as The Great Doheny) is a magician. He is a parody of the famous real-life illusionist, Harry Houdini.


  • Henry Doheny is a magician who Josh and Walter are huge fans of, and his catchphrase is "Doheny!" whenever he does a magic trick or makes an entrance. Josh, Megan, and Walter take huge interest in him, but Drake hates him with a burning passion. He states during the episode that he isn't famous at all anymore, and that nobody wants him, Doheny interrupts people to show different magic tricks to almost anybody, what kind of annoys people, especially Drake. He also has somewhat weird tricks, like turning someone's pants into transparent, making one cough up a playing card they chose before, putting a rabbit in a trash can, making someone bald, and even digesting a sandwich without actually eating it. Still, some of his magic is well-known, like making people and things disappear and the Box of Impalement after performing the Box of Impalement trick, he was supposedly dead. However, he reappeared living at his own funeral, becoming successful again. After becoming successful again, he goes on to perform magic in Las Vegas. As a parting gift, he gives Drake and Josh yo-yos and Megan a check for $50,000 because she suggested the trick in the first place, During the end credits, Walter asks Doheny to gets his hair back but Doheny leaves straight to Las Vegas as he tells Walter to buy a wig.

Magic Tricks[]

Ear Magic Trick[]

Ear Magic Trick
  • While Josh was showing Henry Doheny a coin trick, which involved Josh grabbing the coin from Doheny's ear, he did a bloody ear trick on Josh where his ear was bleeding.

Bunny Magic Trick[]

Henry Doheny's Bunny Magic Trick
  • Henry told Megan to reach into a decorative trash can, where she discovers a bunny.

Card Magic Trick[]

Card Magic Trick
  • Doheny had Drake pick up a card and put the card back in the deck. He then told Drake to cough, which caused Drake to cough up his card.

Closet Magic Trick[]

Closet Magic Trick
  • As Josh was going to change into his pajamas, Doheny magically appears in Josh's closet.

Food Magic Trick[]

Food Magic Trick
  • Henry Doheny comes to visit Josh at the house. Josh goes to the kitchen to make Doheny a sandwich and a side of crinkle cut fries. Doheny poofs the sandwich and fries into his stomach.

Drake's Date[]

Drake's Date
  • Drake was at the Premiere with his date when Henry walks up, takes a guy's toga, and puts it over Drake's date. Henry says "1…2…Do-three-ny!" as he removes the toga, revealing Drake's date is gone, which infuriates Drake. Drake and Josh later find her in the popcorn box under the counter.

Bald head trick[]

Bald head trick
  • Walter keeps asking Doheny to show him a magic trick, so Henry puts a sheet over Walter's head and makes Walter bald as he removes the sheet.

The Box of Impalement[]

The Box of Impalement
  • Drake and Josh do a comeback magic show with Henry Doheny. Henry goes into the Box of Impalement and Drake and Josh thrust 4 swords through the box. Josh then points to the spot where Doheny was supposed to poof out, but he does not appear, Drake and Josh quickly remove the swords and open the box to check on him. When a doctor in the audience comes to check Henry's pulse upon Josh's request, she declares him dead.

Death Magic[]

Death Magic Trick
  • Henry comes back to life shocking everyone at his funeral.

Transparents Trouser Trick[]

Transparents Trouser Trick
  • When Josh admits to Henry that the Box of Impalement trick was better than the Transparent Trousers trick, he does the trick on Drake and Josh, which made Drake and Josh's pants transparent.


  • According to the reverend at his funeral, some of Doheny's greatest illusions were levitating monkeys and turning the moon brown, Henry Doheny was mentioned on another Dan Schneider Show: Zoey 101.