Drake and Josh Wiki

Drake: What's that "E" stands for?

Josh: Well, I think "E" means, extra fuel!


Megan: [sarcastically] Great present, Walter.

[Drake and Josh enter the house, now wearing normal clothes with towels around their necks. They walk up to Megan, each fixing her a glare.]

Megan: What?

Josh: You hung up on us!

Drake: When we were in a helicopter alone, running out of fuel!

Megan: What's your point?

Josh: We had to jump out!

Drake: With one parachute!

Josh: We barely made it!

Drake: We had to swim two miles!

Josh: Until we were rescued by a tuna boat!

Megan: Did you bring me some tuna?


Walter: [to Audrey] I'll handle this. [walks up to Vince] How can I help you?

Vince: Are you their father?

Walter: Yes. [Vince angrily hands him a bill] What's this?

Vince: [angrily] A bill. That's how much you owe me for my new helicopter!

Walter: What? [looks at the bill] $400,000?!

[Audrey and Megan are both shocked]

Drake [as Walter]: Boys, you're both grounded.

Josh: But Dad...

Drake [as Walter]: Grounded, two weeks.

Josh: But it wasn't our fault.

Drake [as Walter]: Upstairs!

Josh: Yes, sir.

Drake: Night.

Josh: Night.

[Drake and Josh head up to their room, leaving Walter to worry about the bill as the episode ends.]