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Helen-Happy Times

Helen in "Happy Times"

Happy Times is a famous fictional sitcom in Drake & Josh. It was mentioned in the episode "Helen's Surgery" and later in the episode "Helen Back Again" from Victorious. It is a parody of the sitcoms "Happy Days" and "Good Times."


Not so much is shown about the show. The main setting is the house of the main characters, including little Georgia (fictionally, Helen Dubois), her mother, and her brother.


  • Georgia: most likely the main character on the show, famous for her catchphrase, "That is not my job".
  • Mark: he appears to be a rowdy boy. In the episode seen, he breaks a vase with a football and is later forced to clean the garage.
  • Georgia's mother: The siblings' mother. In the episode, she gets mad at her son for breaking the vase.