Grammy Nichols
Josh with Grammy
General Information
Gender: Female
Family & Friends
Family: Papa Nichols (father)
Catherine Nichols
Josh Nichols (grandson)
Walter Nichols (son)
Drake Parker (step-grandson)
Megan Parker (step-granddaughter)
Audrey Parker-Nichols (daughter in-law)
Series Information
First appearance: Grammy
Last appearance: Grammy
Portrayed By: Randee Heller

Grammy Nichols is Walter's mother, Josh's paternal grandmother and Drake and Megan's step-grandmother. Her husband is either divorced or deceased.

She only appears in the episode, "Grammy," but is mentioned sporadically throughout the rest of the series, along with Trevor. In "Grammy," she pays a visit while Walter and Audrey are out for the weekend. She doesn't seem to like Drake that much, like she does with Josh. Grammy makes a bet with Drake, that if Grammy loses a basketball game to Drake, he can go out with his friends, but if Drake loses, he can't go out.

In "The Bet," Grammy is mentioned when she sent Josh a GameSphere, but Josh is unable to play it due to the bet he made with Drake, in which who can last the longest without giving in to their habits. She was last mentioned in "Tree House" as well as in Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh.