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"In Czechoslovakia, the daisy is known as the 'Flower of Death.'"
―Mr. Crenshaw
Girl Power
Season 3, Episode 10
Girl Power.jpg
Air date October 15, 2005
Written by Jake Farrow
Directed by Steve Hoefer
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Girl Power is the tenth episode of the third season of Drake & Josh.


Drake wants to break up with his girlfriend Lucy (Gabrielle Christian), after finding out that she is possibly stronger than he is, but Drake challenges her to a fight to prove that he is tougher than she is. Meanwhile, Josh tries to impress Mindy's parents so he can continue to date her. He later organizes a dinner for them at his house which on the same night as Drake and Lucy's fight. Josh is concerned that the fight will ruin his chances of impressing Mindy's parents, so he makes Drake and Lucy wrestle upstairs in the bedroom, where Megan is waiting to watch the fight with a group of friends. However, during the dinner, Drake and Lucy later wrestle their way into the living room during the dinner and Josh is upset about how Drake ruined his plans but Drake does not listen. Mindy's parents understand how much Josh cares for their daughter and allow her and Josh to resume their relationship. However they later fight after arguing about fighting.



  • Audrey and Walter do not appear in this episode.
  • Lucy reappears in "The Storm".
  • One of the kids whom Megan invites to watch the fight reappears in "Megan's New Teacher".
  • In one scene when the front of the movie theater is zoomed out next to it we see Schneider's Bakery, which is the name of the company that owns this show.
  • Seeing how Mr. Crenshaw was super offended by the daisies and mentioned, "in Czechoslovakia, the daisy is known as the 'Flower of death.'" It can be assumed that he is either part Czech or part Slovakian, or both.
  • The $100.00 ice sculpture Josh mentions to Drake is shaped like a swan.
  • In the dining room Scene the chandelier falls when Josh attempts to stop the bulb from flickering.
  • The "Falling Chandelier Sketch" is used in this episode which is also used in "Final Fight" & "Final Fight Guy" "Super Castlevania IV" "Tiny Toon Adventures" (NES Version) "Animaniacs" (Sega Genesis Version)
  • This is the only appearances of Mindy's parents and her younger brother Alden.
    • Alden only appeared in the credits scene.
  • Josh hired a harpist for his dinner with Mindy. Then in the episode Megan's New Teacher, it was shown in the background that the woman had her own movie in The Premiere called "The Elderly Harpist."


  • From the point where Josh is getting his hair done up to the point where Drake is laughing at Josh for having his underwear on the wrong way, it's daytime outside. Then, in the next scene, it's nighttime. Then in the next scene, it's daytime again. Then, when the camera shows the outside of Mindy's house, it's nighttime again. Lastly, when the cameras are in Mindy's dining room, you can see outside the window its daytime again.
  • Drake tells Josh there's smoke in Theater 7. However, Josh grabs the fire extinguisher, and runs into Theater 4.
  • When Mindy is talking to Josh about the dinner, a woman is right next to her, but in the next shot she disappears. Then at the next shot, she suddenly reappears.
  • When Josh broke the glass cover for the fire extinguisher, he breaks it with his shoe but the glass does not cluster so it's not safety glass and it is required by law that all fire extinguisher covers have safety glass.
  • When Drake asks Josh for 2 drinks for him and his girlfriend, you can see very closely that Josh isn't even filling the cups up with soda from the hose, he's technically giving Drake empty cups with nothing in them.
  • Drake and Lucy break the bedroom door and fight falling downstairs, if you noticed that in this episode, Drake and Josh's bedroom door is smashed but it's back to normal in other episodes, the door could've been fixed until the next episode happened or they could've got a new door that looks like their old one. They may have wanted another blue door for their room.


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