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Gary Coleman Grill
Gary Coleman Grill
Purpose: Cook food and listen to music
Inventor: Gary Coleman
User: Drake Parker
Josh Nichols
Audrey Parker-Nichols
Walter Nichols
First Appearance: The Gary Grill
Last Appearance: The Gary Grill(seen)
Steered Straight(mentioned)

The Gary Coleman Grill are a combination of a grill and MP3 player.


In the episode, The Gary Grill Drake and Josh sold Gary Coleman Grills for Buddy & Guy. Buddy and Guy wanted to make a profit by stealing hundreds of Gary Coleman Grills from Gary Coleman. They posed themselves as salesmen and presented the Gary Coleman Grills to Drake and Josh and offered them to sell the Gary Coleman Grills. Drake and Josh were unaware that the Grills were stolen, later on at the Premiere Drake and Josh sold Gary Coleman Grills, which the FBI thought Drake and Josh stole Gary Coleman Grills. Which two Caucasian men stole 2 weeks ago. Buddy and Guy got tricked into confessing on a wire by Megan so that the FBI would let Drake and Josh out. FBI put Buddy and Guy in prison for stealing the Gary Coleman Grills. In episode Steered Straight Audrey and Walter mention the Gary Coleman Grills for one of the times, Drake and Josh have got in trouble. Even though they were tricked into selling the Gary Coleman Grills, by Buddy and Guy.


  • The Gary Colem Grills are a parody George Foreman grills.