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Gary Coleman
Gary Coleman
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Birthday: Feburary 1, 1980
Hair Color: Brown
Occupations: Owner of his own grills
Nemesis: Drake
Production Info
Portrayed by: Himself
Only Appearance: The Gary Grill

Gary Coleman, a fictionalized version of the late actor who played him, is the owner of his own grills which are The Gary Coleman Grills which are grills that have an MP3 player installed inside that cost $39.95. These grills appeared in The Gary Grill. Buddy & Guy ended up stealing his grills and had Drake and Josh sell them. He first appears at the jail. Gary Coleman wanted the money Drake and Josh got from selling his grills, but they already spent the money so Gary comes to the boys' bedroom to collect all the stuff the boys bought with Gary's money. However he spares the chair, given that the boys already sat in it.