Season 2, Episode 4
Air date April 4, 2004
Written by Barry O'Brein

Dan Schneider

Directed by Virgil Fabian
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Football is the fourth episode of the second season of Drake & Josh. It premiered on April 4, 2004.


Drake says Josh is uncool after Josh humiliates a cheerleader and makes him try out for the school football team to become popular.

Josh becomes the equipment manager, but will have to play in the state finals after his brownies, poisoned by Megan, makes all of the players ill. Drake attempts to sneak a janitor, who used to play pro football, into the game, but Josh finally plays in the end, and Drake admits that he is pretty cool


Drake: (sarcastically) Good trick, Josh, You made a cheerleader disappear.


  • Two bloopers from this episode was seen in Sam & Cat episode, #BlooperEpisode.
  • This is the last episode and only episode in Season 2 to have Virgil Fabian's name Virgil L. Fabian.
  • Megan appears in only two scenes.
  • One of the writers of the show, George Doty IV, appears as the doctor.


  • When Josh does his failed magic trick on the cheerleader, the egg is seen to be completely splattered in her hand, however when Josh lifts the cloth from his hand, the egg shell is seen to be intact.
  • When Josh says "Oh, yeah", the bottom of the "Wet Paint" sign is pink but when Josh looks up at the sign, the whole thing is black and white.
  • In the beginning of the episode, when Drake is seen walking down the hallway, another student (presumably on the team) comes out from the right side of the screen wearing a football jersey with the number 31 on it. In the scene before the game, on the left side, we see a different student wearing the same number 31 jersey.
  • In the locker room scene before the game, every player is seen wearing sneakers rather than cleats. We see that the sneakers are not cleats when the janitor (Zeke) is being pulled out on a stretcher and no studs are seen on the bottom.
  • Josh was designated to play center as a substitute, so it's not possible for him to score a touchdown as a center.