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"I ain't calling you a truther!"
Foam Finger
Season 3, Episode 9
Air date October 8, 2005
Written by Dan Schneider
Directed by Roger Christiansen
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Foam Finger is the ninth episode of the third season of Drake & Josh.


In the opening comments, Drake talks about dating his old girl Monique and Josh talks about his rat Bobo.

One night, while doing homework with Drake, Josh refuses to watch a San Diego Padres baseball game on the TV with the rest of the family because of an incident from eight years ago he still remembers, when he got into a fight with another boy (later turning out to be Drake) who bought the last foam finger before he could. Coincidentally, Drake then recalls that he too got into a fight at a Padres game from eight years ago, because it is revealed that he was the one who bought the last foam finger, wrecking Josh's chance to buy one himself. Now the two realize that they had met (before their 7th grade year at middle school) and fought with each other, at that Padres game from eight years ago. Both boys believe that the other started the fight, and their flashback scenes depict different circumstances based on their own memory of the event, which are based on their opinions.

In Josh's recollection, he got in line to buy a San Diego Padres game foam finger behind an eight year old Drake Parker (Hunter Allan), and tried to be friendly, although Drake was rude back wanting Josh to stop talking to him. Then Drake invited all the nearby girls to come and buy all the foam fingers, but the one, and then deliberately bought that last one just to spite Josh, and finally thumped him over the back of his head with it, thus starting the fight.

In Drake's recollection, he was in line to buy his foam finger, and an eight year old Josh Nichols (Matthew Gumley) got in line rudely asking why the line was taking to so long to move, while Drake tried to be friendly. A dying British orphan girl who, for an unknown reason, only had a few weeks to live approached them, and asked to cut in line and Drake mercifully obliged, much to the chagrin of Josh. Drake then bought what turned out to be the last available foam finger, and he tried to apologize, but Josh freaked out, and threatened Drake's death, and attacked him, thus starting the fight.

The two drift apart and Drake moves out of their bedroom, with him moving his bed and guitar into the living room, which he invents a burglar alarm for out of noisy soda cans, that being part of the reason the boys wake up Audrey and Walter, who are themselves angry at them for fighting, thus letting Drake sleep wherever he wants except for the living room and the bathroom, with him taking Megan's room, thus annoying her out of her mind with his snoring. They continue to be bitter at each other, including Josh hoping Drake goes bald and Drake hoping they cancel Oprah, which Josh takes offense at. until Megan locates Lenny (Fred Stoller), the stadium clerk who sold the foam finger, who now sells San Diego Padres bobble heads at the same stadium. When Audrey and Walter ask how Megan was able to find him, Megan claims it was easy, because of his distinguishable eyepatch. Lenny remembers the incident between Drake and Josh because it was a rare instance in which he had to call the cops to break up a fight between two eight-year olds.

In Lenny's recollection, which turns out to be the true incident, the two boys got in line, and were actually both pretty friendly with each other. When two girls asked to cut in line, both boys (especially Drake) allowed it. Then Drake happened to get the last available foam finger, and apologized to Josh, who was bitterly disappointed, but did not fight back. However, at that precise moment, Megan, who was also at the game, and was a toddler at the time, threw a cookie and it hit Josh in the head in a slow-motion sequence (you can also see Audrey holding a phone to her left ear, suggesting that she was talking to someone on it). Josh in turn, accused Drake, thinking he had thumped in the back of his head, which (falsely) was actually the case earlier in Drake's rather fabricated recollection of the fight, and that's how the fight really started, according to Lenny.

At this revelation, the two boys finally make amends and then imagine themselves as 80-year-old senior citizens in the future, with an also-elderly Megan (who still calls them "boobs"), after serving Drake and Josh oatmeal and cream of wheat respectively, throws a cookie at them just like she did at the Padres game "72 years ago" when she was just a toddler riding in a baby stroller, with Josh assuming Drake once again threw something to thump him in the back of the head, causing them to run to each other, hit each other and fight until they both end up falling asleep one by one, thus ending the episode.

During the end credits, Josh wakes up from his and Drake's dream to see if Drake was awake. He finds his cardboard Oprah and he begins to kiss her while Drake wakes up.



  • When Drake and Josh are fighting that who started the fight about the Foam Finger scene 8 years ago, It occurs in 1997 what happened to Drake and Josh in the flashback. Because in this episode Drake and Josh have been thinking about what happened in 1997 before they remembered in 2005. It also had to occur before June 27th as Drake Parker, the older stepbrother, would turn 9 on June 27, 1997.
    • That's because the flashback takes place before Season 1.
  • The episode is similar to the Victorious episode Who Did It to Trina?. In both episodes, the characters recount their sides of the story through different flashbacks.
    • Coincidentally, the episode I Love Sushi was also added as a flashback.
  • It is revealed that Drake and Josh met at a Padres game.
  • Ironically Drake Bell's cousin is former Padres pitcher Heath Bell.
  • In Dan Schneider's other show, "Henry Danger", in the episode, "Tears of the Jolly Beetle," a clip is briefly seen of Josh saying his famous line, "I ain't calling you a truther!"
    • This scene has also become a very popular internet meme.
  • When Josh rips the foam finger he wanted 8 years ago Drake got instead, it could've also been revenge on Drake for eating his apple strudel he got from Grammy for his birthday and ruining his childhood when Drake got it first.
  • Drake, Josh, and Megan's flashback as kids is quite similar to Daria and Quinn's flashback scene from Pinch Sitter from Daria.
  • Flash forwarding to 80 years later, old Drake, Josh, and Megan's life is quite similar to old Beavis and Butt-Head's life from the Beavis and Butt-Head episode Crying.


  • Megan says that after Drake and Josh fought over the foam finger, they didn't meet until seventh grade but in Mindy's Back, Drake and Josh say that they met in fourth grade.
  • When Josh tells his version of how he and Drake fought at the Padres game, in the flashback, his shirt is unbuttoned with a blue T-shirt inside, but when Drake tells his version, 8 year old Josh's shirt is buttoned up, without the blue T-shirt showing.
  • When Megan switches the note on the Strudel the second time Josh is facing her full on and could not have missed seeing her do it. It's likely that he did see Megan switching the note and wanted to test Drake's stupidity.
  • When Josh says that there was no little girl from Drake's flashback he says, "Why would a dying British orphan be doing at a Padres game?", even though it was never said that she was an orphan.
    • It is possible that he was exaggerating.
  • In the flashback of what really happened, at one point, young Megan throws her cookie on young Josh, but when the shot zooms out on Drake and Josh, the cookie is not on the ground.
    • Also, young Drake still has the foam finger as soon as Josh starts beating him up, but when security guards came, Drake seems to have lost the foam finger.
  • When Walter and Audrey leave the living room, Drake's cans fall onto them. However, it is unknown why the cans didn't fall on them when they first entered the room.
  • When the little girl says that she's got 3 weeks to live and wanted to go first in line, she could've just waited in line since it was really short with only Drake and Josh in it. Although, this took place in Drake's fake flashback and she wasn't really British, according to the real event.
  • After Drake moves out of the room, the camera is showing outside of the house at night and you can see lights on in the house through the front door but when the scene begins entering the house where Drake is sleeping on the living room window, it's dark in the house and there's no lights on.
  • In this episode, Drake tries to sleep in many different rooms, when other episodes mention a guest room he could have slept in instead of the living room, the bathroom, or Megan's room.


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