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Emily Henderson
Emily Henderson
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Age Group: 16-17
Birthday: January 1990
Interests: Dancing
Talents: Dancing
Lives In: San Diego
Friends: Drake Parker
Josh Nichols (formerly)
Nemesis: Vilga
Production Info
Portrayed by: Johanna Brady
Only Appearance: Dance Contest

Emily Henderson is a minor character on Drake & Josh. She only appeared on the last episode, Dance Contest.


Emily is portrayed to be influential, since she's a really good dancer who appeared on a lot of dance performances. Emily's also dominant, since she got easily angry when Vilga began to insulting her.

Plot Overview[]

Josh did an interview with Emily about the up coming Dance Contest. Josh wanted to join the Competition, so that he would get extra credit to beat his ex-girlfriend. Then Drake walks up and interrupts Josh and Emily interview, about him going to fail gym. Later on Drake gave Josh's digital camera to Emily, so that Emily would become his dance partner. After switching and becoming Drake's dance partner, Josh partners up with the the #1 European Dancer named Vilga, who insults Drake and Emily. Unfortunately, Emily and Vilga don't get along and end up fighting, but Drake and Josh break it up. At the Channel 7 Dance Studio, Emily and Vilga fought against each other again, and get disqualified from the competition.


Drake Parker[]

Drake need extra credit so that he wouldn't have to repeat the 11th grade. So he gave Josh's camera to Emily so that she would choose to become his dance partner.

Josh Nichols[]

Emily was Josh's dance partner first.


Vilga kept on insulting Emily, which caused them both to fight a lot.


  • "Why don't you make me?"
  • "I don't like her attitude."