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Drew & Jerry
Season 2, Episode 13
Air date October 24, 2004
Written by Dan Schneider
Directed by Steve Hoefer
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Drew & Jerry is the thirteenth episode of the second season of Drake & Josh.


After Drake tells Josh he needs more time to himself, Josh begins hanging out with Drew, a kid who looks and acts like Drake. Drake gets jealous of Drew, so he finds a new friend named Jerry, a kid who looks and acts like Josh, to make Josh jealous. Soon, both opt to start spending more time with their new friends rather than with each other. Josh abandons his plans to see a movie with Drake to see it with Drew instead, and Drake spends the day deep-sea fishing with Jerry, something Josh has always wanted to do. Drake and Josh get fed up with each other, so they have Drew and Jerry show off their talents at the Premiere (Jerry shows a magic trick, after that, Drew plays his saxophone and Jerry shows his dance to it), which draws the attention of a television producer, who offers them parts in a show about two brothers (which ends up early similar to Drake and Josh). Drake and Josh eventually reconcile and become friends again.




  • Jerry says "I have lumbar problems." Josh said the exact same thing in Pilot.
  • This episode references to the episode Pool Shark:
    • Drake tells Josh that Jerry is the best pool player he has ever seen.
    • Josh says "I thought you meant you were sorry you gambled and you weren't gonna do it anymore." Drake then says "No, I meant I was sorry that I didn't tell you I was gambling and I definitely want to do it some more." In Drew and Jerry, Jerry says "But I thought you meant that you were sorry that you cheated on the test and you weren't gonna do it anymore. Drew then says "No, I'm sorry I got caught and I'm definitely gonna do it some more."
    • Also, the opening scene is rather similar to the one of Pool Shark, with Drake complaining about spending time with Josh, who is loving it.
    • Josh sometimes says "Head Aches, you give me Head Aches" to Drake and Jerry says "Stomach Aches, you give me Stomach Aches" to Drew.
  • This episode's title is a pun on Drake & Josh and Tom and Jerry.
  • A show called Canadian Idol is mentioned, which was an actual reality competition.
  • The fourth wall is broken watch Josh says" Who would watch it"?, referring to the aforementioned program.
  • This episode is similar to the iCarly episode iLook Alike because of the main characters using lookalikes to take someone else's place.


  • When Drake takes Megan out, she calls him Drew by accident.
  • Josh says to Jerry that he plays pool too, however in the episode Pool Shark, after finding Drake's gambling issues, he swore not to play again. It is possible that he probably took up pool after a while.
  • Drake asks for some Dr. Fizz but Walter said that Drew got the last of it. Shortly after, Josh walks into the kitchen and a 3/4 of a bottle of Dr. Fizz is on the kitchen counter.
  • Since Drew got the last Dr Fizz, Josh could have asked Walter for something else to drink instead.
  • When Drake and Jerry return to The Premiere, after going fishing, he is wearing a red and black polo stripe t-shirt under his fishing gear, but that morning he was wearing an orange t-shirt.
  • When Drake gets drinks for both him and Megan at the premiere, he says he gets a root beer for Megan which she hates and a Dr. Fizz for himself but if you look really closely, you can tell that the movie theater cups are empty and don't have anything in them.
  • Drake and Josh break the fourth wall when they talk about the show Drew and Jerry are going to be on, Drake says "what a dumb idea for a show" and Josh replies "yeah, who would watch it", referring to this same show.