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Drake and Josh's Room
Location: 3878 Alonzo Avenue Encino, California
Owner(s): Drake Parker
Josh Nichols
Megan Parker(Really Big Shrimp)
Series: Drake & Josh
First Appearance: Pilot
Last Appearance: Really Big Shrimp
Drake and Josh room

Drake and Josh‘s bedroom is a setting of the Drake & Josh series. The bedroom was seen in most episodes.


In Season 1, the bedroom layout was slightly different. The room had a drum set owned by Drake in the middle instead of a bed for Josh. The window was in the shape of an octagon with a grid instead of a circle. The door was facing front instead of being on the side and it had a robe (or maybe a shirt) that was hanging over it. There was a purple armless couch on the left side of the room where Josh slept, despite his lumbar problems. There was also a shelf on the right side of the door.

Then, from Seasons 2 on, the bedroom layout was changed without any explanation of how or why it changed, with us only assuming it was time to give the "home" where the central characters live in sort of a slight "renovation". As such, the room was given a circle window with several unique lines within it to replace the older octagon window; also, Josh received a new bed to sleep in, probably as a delivery. The door was moved to the side of the room without any clothing hanging over it. Half of the room had a taller floor and a Milencollin Home poster on the upper wall and there were books as well as bobble heads, a 1980s Mouse Trap board game, puzzles and miscellaneous objects on various shelves in the room. Next to Josh's bed was his prized framed portrait of Oprah as well as a chair that went with a desk with stickers on it and (before Drake smashed it with a golf ball) Josh's lava lamp he got from Canada. It also had a bullhorn (which Drake used in "The Affair" to tell Josh to get off of him), a chest at the end of Drake's bed, a mini fridge under that bed, a Titanic life preserver, a square coffee table, a red sofa with pillows, two classic-style living room upholstered chairs, a white microwave oven, a bakelite radio (possibly from the 1940s or 1950s), a television (with a real-life Daewoo CRT set being used for it), a chest of drawers where Drake organized his underwear in a rather sloppy manner much to the chagrin of Josh (and possibly the rest of the family), a mini-scale plastic dinosaur figure on top of that, several music-based posters and stickers especially near Drake's bed, a square window and a cherry red '64 Fender Stratocaster electric guitar with a whammy bar signed my Drake's biggest music inspiration, Devin Malone, another red stratocaster style guitar Drake has at the start of the series, a wine red Gibson Les Paul 1960s classic Drake had gotten sometime during season 3.

In "The Gary Grill", the room was also given two mermaid tables, a vibrating chair, a rocket bubble gum machine, a lava lamp, a soda shooter vending machine, a fooshockey table, a translucent chair (the only thing Drake and Josh got to keep from Gary Coleman, who guest starred in the episode as himself), a chess set and a dartboard machine; they had also hired two 4:00 masseuses.