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Drake has had approximately 74 girlfriends, while Josh has only had Mindy. However, Josh has had other women he kissed in Who's Got Game? Drake is seriously dating Carly in season four, but she disappears after The Storm. He has also kissed a few girls but has not actually dated them such as Diana Vosh. He also had a flirtatious fling with the female doctors in Paging Dr. Drake and was also invited to go night swimming but did not actually go on a date with any of them. In Number 1 Fan, a girl called Wendy has a crush on him but due to her age and clinginess, Drake does not return the feelings and only sees her as a fan.

Known Girlfriends[]

Tiffany Margolis[]


Tiffy was Buck's Girlfriend. But she wrote in the Mr. Nancy Advice column that she's been having problems with her Boyfriend. Drake invented Tiffy over to his house for a date, which Buck mistakes Josh for Dating her Tiffy.



Susan was Drake Girlfriend in episode Believe Me, Brother. She had a crush on Josh, later on she began kissing Josh. But when Drake ever showed up Susan would pretend as if Josh was kissing her. Subsequently during class Drake and Josh wanted to present Drake's band performance, but Megan actually recorded Susan actually kissing Josh. Which cause Drake to break up with Susan.



In the episode of "Who's Got Game?", Drake and Josh made a bet to see who can date the most girls. However, Drake met Carly at Spin City, and began to have love her more, so he invited her over to his house for a date. Subsequently, at the Premiere Drake told Josh he wanted to call of the bet, but Carly walked up and heard Drake talking with Josh about the bet. Carly walked away and didn't want to speak with Drake again. Carly believed Drake was lying about loving her. Drake brought Carly to the Premiere to watch him tell the truth to a lot of people his lied to before, so that she would believe that he's not lying.



In the episode of "Theater Thug" Drake was going to pick up Josh at the Premiere but Josh was still working. So Drake approached Hazel and asked her if she wants to see and movie with him.



In the episode of "Playing the Field", Drake and Tori were dating for long, so Drake wanted to breakup with Tori. But he was afraid he Tori would break up. Nevertheless, Drake wanted to break up with Tori at school, and Tori already new Drake wanted to break up with her by the way he was going to talk with her. Drake got jealous when Tori began dating other guys, so Drake wanted to get back together with Tori. Drake used Liza to make Tori jealous, so that Tori would want to get back together with Drake. Tori decide she also wants to get back together with Drake. So Drake brought Liza to go out with Tori's boyfriend.


Number 1 Fan 015

In the episode of "Number 1 Fan", Drake and Larisa on a date at the Premiere, but Wendy walked and broke them up at the Premiere.

Kelly Hayfer[]


Kelly Hayfer is Mrs. Hayfer daughter, and Drake really wanted to break up with her, since she kept laughing a lot. But after Mrs. Hayfer found out Drake dating her daughter, she threatened to put Drake in Summer School if he broke her heart. Luckily Kelly broke up with Drake and went Drake wore Josh's lucky shirt.



Lucy and Drake were Dating in episode "Girl Power". A bunch of Football player where going to beat up Drake, but Lucy actual beat up one the football players, which scared the rest off. Lucy thought she was tougher than Drake, so Drake and Lucy competed in a wrestling match in Drake and Josh bedroom. Lucy later appear in episode "The Storm" she and Christine met Carly, and the three of them began talk about how good of a Kisser Drake is. Then Carly, Lucy and Christ walked up closely up to Drake to let them know who's the best kiss, but Drake ran off.



In episode "Josh Runs Into Oprah", Drake was dating Tabitha for about 5 days, and made Tabitha a Birthday at the Premiere.


Henry Doheny-Lexi

Lucy and Drake were on a date at the Premiere, but during their date Henry Doheny over Lexi with a Sheet and made her disappear into the pop corn machine box.



Josh scheduled a friendship Ceremony for him, Drake, and Yooka. But the friendship ceremony was actually at wedding for Drake and Yooka. Later on Drake went to the Premiere and began flirting with one girl, but got caught by Yooka. Yooka thought Drake was trying to date a girl while they were married. Subsequently Yooka's parents visited Drake and Josh house to meet Drake. Drake, Audrey, Walter, and Josh wanted to break up with Yooka. Josh Survive Yooka and Yooka's parents Goat balls.