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"I missed "Allison", so I started making out with her sister"!"
―Drake Parker
Drake Parker
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Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Age Group: 13 (Unaired Pilot 2002)
15 (Season 1)
15-16 (Season 2)
16-17 (Season 3)
18-19 (Season 4)
20 (Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh)
Birthday: June 27, 1988
Height: 5’9”
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Alias: Boob (by Megan Parker)
Dr. Elliot Nussbaum
Jefferson Steelflex
Twinkle Puff Parker
Talents: Singing
Guitar Player
Getting and kissing girls
Dislikes: Magic tricks, school, Mrs. Hayfer, Mindy Crenshaw, Megan pulling pranks on him and Josh, Henry Doheny
Lives In: Los Angeles, California
Employment: Work at The Premiere
Assistant Manager at The Premiere
Education: 9th Grade (Season 1)
10th Grade (Season 2)
11th grade (Season 3)
12th Grade (Season 4)
College, freshman (Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh)
Occupations: Student
Guitar Player
Brothers: Josh Nichols
Sisters: Megan Parker
Mother: Audrey Parker
Father: Dave Parker
Walter Nichols
Girlfriend: Carly (ex-girlfriend)
Ex-Girlfriend: Lucy
and many other ex-girlfriends
Ex-Wife: Yooka
Grandparents: Grammy Nichols
Papa Nichols
Aunts: Catherine Parker
Unnamed step-aunt
Friends: Josh Nichols
Megan Parker
Helen Dubois
Craig Ramirez
Eric Blonowitz
Crazy Steve
Mindy Crenshaw
Nemesis: Mindy Crenshaw
Josh Nichols
Ms. Hayfer
Megan Parker
Thornton Locke
Ashley Blake
Baaahhb (Sheep Thrills
Sergeant Doty
The Bellview Choral Society
Production Info
Portrayed by: Drake Bell
Hunter Allan
First Appearance: Pilot
Last Appearance: Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh

Drake Parker is one of the two main protagonists on Drake & Josh. He lives with his stepbrother, Josh Nichols and sister, Megan Parker.


Drake Parker is portrayed as a smooth, charming, laid-back slacker. He seems to care very little about any work he is asked to do, although he is quite intelligent musically - as he shows interest in playing the guitar. Besides music, another big interest of Drake's is his interest in women. However, it is mentioned many times throughout the series that he does not do well in school - mainly due to his laid-back, carefree attitude, and in general, seems to care very little about doing terrible in school. An example of this is in Season 4 when he almost fails the 11th grade due to his bad tardies for gym class. Not only does he find women very attractive, but he also happens to be very successful with women - although part of this can be chalked up to his status as a musician (as this tends to single-handedly win many women over.) Drake, while being academically dumb, seems to be quite socially intelligent, as shown by his ability to charm others easily. Not only is he smooth when it comes to persuading others and asking women out, but he is also an amazing kisser, as many of his girlfriends seem to enjoy making out with him. Proving this is the fact that he is credited to be the best kisser by his current girlfriend Carly, and his ex-girlfriends Lucy and Christine, while he is a player when it comes to dating, he doesn't appear to be one to cheat on the girl he is currently dating. Despite this, however, he seems to be quite the misogynist, as he often uses women as kissing poles and nothing more - at one point even comparing them to candy. This makes him a very shallow person, and his relationships - romantic and platonic - don't seem to go past the "having fun" phase. This makes him a very superficial person, and this superficiality is often mocked by his intellectually superior peers, such as Mindy and his teachers, Drake starts off the show as a very selfish person, as well as being very egotistical. Not only does he seem to have something of a superiority complex - actively demeaning nerds like Craig, Eric, and even Josh, because of his better looks and natural charm, but he is also a foolish person. He is seen to use, convince, and manipulate many people throughout the series, and seems to care very little about using these people. Drake is also occasionally dishonest, as he has a bad habit of telling lies, especially to his mother, Audrey. Megan, also, tends to lie to her parents - much like her brother. But being the "baby girl" of the family, she tends to get away with it - unlike Drake. Despite his flaws, however, he is not above seeing the error of his ways, breaking down and full-on crying after his life falls apart when Josh cuts him out of his life. Drake also learns to be more selfless as the show goes on, such as when he gave Josh his blessing on his relationship with Mindy, as well as vowing to keep his Christmas promise to Mary Alice despite the high chance of him being arrested. He also learns to appreciate Josh more as a brother, calling him brother rather than stepbrother as the show goes on.'



Audrey Parker

Da love 2

Drake hugging his mom

  • Audrey is Drake's biological mother. She is the only parent in the family who can give boundaries and discipline to Drake. If Drake disobeys her, then he gets grounded. Audrey is also to known to be a good persuader, often making Drake to go do something against his will, including to go to counseling sessions. Audrey is also completely cool with the fact that Drake dates different girls. However, Audrey does tend to show that she loves Drake.

Megan Parker


Drake and Megan

  • Megan is Drake's little sister who also appears to be very rude. Megan loves to make Drake and Josh's life miserable with her pranks. Megan also thinks that the girls that Drake dates are stupid. Megan has also been known to call Drake a "boob". Despite her evil nature, she at times helps him.

Josh Nichols

  • Drake shares a complicated relationship with his brother Josh. Often, arguing and fighting happens between them, but in the end of the day, they stick to each other no matter what situation they're in. He cares about Josh, but on the contrary, also seems quite manipulative of his step-brother - often seen using Josh to his advantage, and taking advantage of Josh's kind, forgiving personality, When Josh decided to not associate with Drake any longer, Drake starts to understand how much he needs Josh in his life, which prompts him to treat him better after apologizing to him for being a terrible brother. As the show goes on, Drake comes to see Josh more as a true brother. They both learn from each other, as Drake becomes more responsible and selfless, and Josh becomes more confident and learns to have fun more.

Other Relationships

Mindy Crenshaw

  • Mindy is one of Drake's enemies, who he hates with a passion. He hates her for trying to frame for putting Mrs. Hayfer's car in their classroom. When she returned from suspension, Drake asked if Mindy is plotting another attempt to get him suspended again which relied she has no intention. However, the two have softened up ever since Mindy started dating Josh. Drake and Mindy often tease and make fun of each other, although Mindy does help Drake with his girlfriend problems sometimes. Mindy has also been known to enjoy Drake's music as she shows up at his concerts and can be seen dancing at times.

Helen Dubois

  • Helen really loves Drake no matter what, but doesn't at all like Josh, she suddenly hires him right away getting a job at the premiere, but then fires him after that for nothing even though he takes the blame covering for Josh so that he doesn't lose his job, then he throws a party in her apartment, but she thinks it's a celebration after her eye surgery, Helen loves Drake either way no matter what he does, and says that only Drake's fine but never Josh because she doesn't care about him, however Helen gets kind of mad at both Drake and Josh for tricking her into thinking that they were 2 Irish men making up pip pip DA doodly do.

Alice Hayfer

  • Conversely, Mrs. Hayfer loves Josh but hates Drake's guts, and Drake is fully aware of this. Her catchphrase for him is "I hate you", to which Drake responds with "I know". She is actually somewhat of a bully towards him, as she quickly suspected that he parked her car in the classroom, when it was really Mindy, and even when Drake gave correct answers in her class, she said it's wrong even though someone else said the exact same thing and said it was correct. Drake apparently hates Mrs. Hayfer so much that he wishes she would die, as he once asked excitedly if Mrs. Hayfer died, and at one point he put squirrels in her car as mentioned in The Wedding.

Romantic Relationships

Tiffany Margolis

  • Tiffy was Buck's girlfriend, but she wrote in the Mr. Nancy Advice column that she's been having problems with her boyfriend. Drake invented Tiffy over to his house for a date, which Buck mistakes Josh for dating her.


  • Susan was Drake's girlfriend in the episode, Believe Me, Brother. She had a crush on Josh, later on, she began kissing Josh. However, when Drake showed up Susan would pretend as if Josh was kissing her. Subsequently during class, Drake and Josh wanted to present Drake's band performance, but Megan recorded Susan kissing Josh, which caused Drake to break up with Susan.


  • In the episode "Who's Got Game?", Drake and Josh made a bet to see who can date the most girls. However, Drake met Carly at Spin City and began to have loved her more, so he invented her over to his house for a date. Subsequently, at the Premiere Drake told Josh he wanted to call off the bet, but Carly walked up and heard Drake talking with Josh about the bet. Carly walked away and didn't want to speak with Drake again. Carly believed Drake was lying about loving her. Drake brought Carly to the Premiere to watch him tell the truth to a lot of people he lied to before, so that she would believe that he's not lying.


  • In the episode "Theater Thug", Drake was going to pick up Josh at The Premiere, but Josh was still working. So, Drake approached Hazel and asked her if she wants to see and movie with him.


  • In the episode "Playing the Field", Drake and Tori were dating for a long time, so Drake wanted to break up with Tori. However, he was afraid Tori would break up with him. Nevertheless, Drake wanted to break up with Tori at school, and Tori already knew Drake wanted to break up with her by the way he was going to talk with her. Drake got jealous when Tori began dating other guys, so Drake wanted to get back together with Tori. Drake used Liza to make Tori jealous so that Tori would get back together with Drake. Tori decide she also wanted to get back together with Drake. So, Drake brought Liza to go out with Tori's boyfriend.


  • Drake and Larisa were on a date at the Premiere, but Wendy walked and broke them up at the Premiere.

Kelly Hayfer

  • Kelly Hayfer is Mrs. Hayfer's daughter. Drake wanted to break up with her since she kept laughing a lot, but after Mrs. Hayfer found out Drake dated her daughter, she threatened to put Drake in summer school if he broke her heart. Luckily, Kelly broke up with Drake when Drake wore Josh's lucky shirt.


  • Lucy and Drake were Dating in episode "Girl Power". A bunch of football players was going to beat up Drake, but Lucy beat up one of the football players, which scared the rest off. Lucy thought she was tougher than Drake, so Drake and Lucy competed in a wrestling match in Drake and Josh's bedroom. Lucy later appears in the episode "The Storm", she and Christine met Carly, and the three of them began to talk about how good of a kisser Drake is. Then, Carly, Lucy, and Christ walked up close up to Drake to let them know who's the best kiss, but Drake ran off.


  • In the episode Josh Runs Into Oprah, Drake dated Tabitha for about 5 days and Drake made Tabitha a birthday party at the Premiere.


  • Lexi and Drake were on a date at The Premiere, but during their date Henry Doheny over Lexi with a Sheet and made her disappear into the popcorn machine box.


  • Josh scheduled a friendship Ceremony for him, Drake, and Yooka. However, the friendship ceremony was a wedding for Drake and Yooka. Later on, Drake went to The Premiere and began flirting with one girl but got caught by Yooka. Yooka thought Drake was trying to date a girl while they were married. Subsequently, Yooka's parents visited Drake and Josh's house to meet Drake. Drake, Audrey, Walter, and Josh wanted to break up with Yooka. Josh served Yooka and Yooka's parents goat balls.


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  • He has so many girlfriends, over 72 of them in total.
  • He was smarter in Season 1, He got less smart in Seasons 2, 3, and 4. Though his intelligence is still manageable in Season 2, he is not very smart and often gets into trouble because of his habit of not using common sense,
  • Drake is the only character to have a major appearance in every episode of the series.
  • He can read at a third-grade level as said by Josh in Josh Runs Into Oprah.
  • He is friends with Trevor, Jerry, Thornton Locke, Craig Ramirez, and Eric Blonowitz.
  • He and his brother, Josh are constantly tortured by their sister, Megan.
  • He fails at school mainly due to his laziness, and interest in other things - such as women. He unknowingly has gotten brain scans like his absent-minded, unintelligent friend Trevor.
  • He constantly lies to Audrey.
  • His hairstyle changes every season. In season 1, he had spiky hair. In season 2, he had a bowl cut. In season 3, he had a Japanese-style bowl cut that resembled an anime character's hairstyle. In season 4, he went back to his bowl-cut hair again from Season 2.
  • He shares many similarities and traits with Audrey.
  • Drake Parker was born on June 27, 1988. His mother Audrey was 25 years old when she gave birth to him.
  • According to Josh, Drake has a birthmark on his back, which he thinks looks like a giraffe raking leaves, however, Josh disagrees with this.
  • His portrayer, Drake Bell shares the same first and middle name with him, though they are reversed in order.
  • He and Josh yelling "MEGAN!" has become a popular Internet meme.
  • Despite his age, Drake seems to enjoy buying toys, as, in the episode The Drake & Josh Inn, he buys a Mexican robot toy. In Paging Dr. Drake when he buys a potato launching gun for ages 6-12 and in the episode Megan's First Kiss, he buys two pairs of clackers which he claims are the hottest toy in the Netherlands.
  • Drake always refers to his stepdad by his real name Walter in Season 4.
  • Drake and Josh both despise their great aunt Catherine and mention that she collects hair from strangers.
  • He is 14-15 in Season 1,15-16 in Season 1- 2,16-17 in Season 3, 17-18 in Season 4, and 19-20 in Merry Christmas Drake and Josh.
  • In Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh, he and Josh are now college students.
  • Drake's favorite sports are football and baseball.
  • Drake's favorite colors are green and baby blue.
  • He passed Algebra 1 and Geometry in high school and has enrolled in Algebra 2. (Episode: The Great Doheny),
  • In Seasons 2-4, he wears short sleeves most often, Drake's full name is Drake Parker.
  • In "Drake & Josh Go Hollywood" during the drive to the airport Megan points out that Drake's car is very dirty, she then proceeds to pull out a dead bird from the floor. Drake frowns and says that it was [his pet] called Tweeter.
  • Drake's favorite band is called Zero Gravity, and in the episode titled "Guitar", which no longer airs on TeenNick or streaming services, he takes over for their lead guitarist Devin Malone (since Josh broke their lead guitarist's hand via guitar case.)
  • In that same episode Drake credits, everything he knows about guitars to Devin, which is interesting since he claims that he was self-taught at the age of 9 during the plane ride in "Drake & Josh Go Hollywood."
  • In [TITLE OF EPISODE], Drake explains that he had once won a rabbit and named him George. He then goes on to say that George won his own award at a fair.
  • In "Driver's License", while Drake's guilt trips Josh into driving him places, Drake calls 3:00 AM "The taco hour." While Drake was driving Megan to the airport in "Drake & Josh Go Hollywood" Megan mentions that it took a total of seven tries to earn his license. During this scene there is also a nod to Drake's performance at PCA in Zoey 101, though it's fairly certain that he is referred to as Drake Bell during the performance, not that it's a big deal anyway since Dan Schneider's works all have humongous plot holes and overlap.

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