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Drake and Josh Go Hollywood
Season 3, Episode TV Movie
Air date January 6, 2006
Written by Story by: Dan Schneider
Steven Molaro

Teleplay by: Dan Schneider

Directed by Steve Hoefer
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Sheep Thrills
Megan's New Teacher

Drake & Josh Go Hollywood is a 2006 TV Film for one of the most popular Nickelodeon television shows, Drake & Josh. It first aired on CBS and Nickelodeon and was released on VHS and DVD on January 31, 2006.


With their parents out of town and Megan planning a trip to Denver, Drake and Josh find they'll have the house to themselves for 10 days. But when they mistakenly put Megan on the wrong flight, they have to take the next plane to Los Angeles to find her. When they're at the hotel, Josh crosses paths with a talent booker who is in need of a music act on MTV's TRL and convinces him to give Drake a spot. But before they can celebrate their good fortune, Drake and Josh stumble upon a counterfeiting scheme and are abducted. With hours to go before Drake is scheduled to perform on TRL, Megan calls the police, who show up to arrest the criminals and save Drake and Josh. Megan leaves for Denver, and Josh remembers Drake is supposed to perform on TRL. They arrive at TRL just in time and Drake and his band get the chance to perform. After the performance, Drake talked to the talent booker about a potential record deal.


Josh gets accepted into a creative writing class, and is tasked with writing about his greatest adventure, but he has trouble figuring out what to write about. Walter is in the living room talking to Audrey about their upcoming 10-day cruise, which Audrey does not want to go on, Josh goes up to their room where Drake shows him the new amp he got with a laser sphere. Drake's band manager calls and tells him his upcoming gig is cancelled, angering Drake. Drake tells him to book a gig if he wants to remain band manager, so he books them a gig at a retirement home, but the seniors demand Wayne Newton. After his gig failed, Drake hires Josh as his new manager.

When Audrey and Walter leave for their cruise, Drake and Josh are responsible for getting Megan to the airport to visit her friend Jessica in Denver, Colorado. However, Drake and Josh accidentally put Megan on the wrong flight to Los Angeles and they leave on a later flight to search for her. After Megan lands in LA, she tries to get on the next flight to Denver, but all flights to Denver are cancelled due to severe thunderstorms. Megan decides to stay in LA while she waits for the weather to clear, so she gets a limo to take her to the Chambrulay Hotel. When they get to the hotel, Josh has to pee, so Drake goes to find Megan's room. In the bathroom, Josh overhears Mitch Gordon from TRL angry with an employee for cancelling a music act, so he frantically puts up a video of Drake and his band performing to show Mitch. Mitch agrees that Drake is great, and although hesitant on booking an unsigned artist on TRL, he reluctantly books Drake because of the situation he is in. However, Josh finds out that his G.O. MP3 player was accidentally replaced with Deegan's G.O. during their flight. When Deegan and his companion Brice show up to the room to swap G.Os, but Josh things they are up to no good. Drake and Josh attempt to escape, stealing Tony Hawk's Viper to get away.

Drake and Josh eventually lose the two goons, and Josh tries to get a hold of Megan, but she was using the phone to order room service. Drake and Josh get pulled over by the FBI, and as try to explain that they were chased and didn't mean to steal the car, the FBI agents tell them they are not in trouble and ask them to come to headquarters to identify the guys who assaulted them. They lead Drake and Josh to the van, and one of them opens the back door, revealing Brice and Deegan in the back seat, who are actually associated with them, meaning they are not really FBI agents. The men kidnap Drake and Josh and drive to a warehouse, and after they hand their leader the G-O, they lock Drake and Josh in a small room. Megan tries to get ahold of them, but to no avail. Later on, Drake and Josh wake up at 2:00 AM and climb the wall to see what the men are up to. They see the men are using a money machine, to which Josh tells Drake he saw a news story about how some thieves who stole the new currency machine from the U.S. Treasury Department in Washington, D.C. just days before. They figure out that the men they encountered are the criminals who stole the currency machine to forge money, and that the G-O contains a code to access the machine.

Meanwhile, Megan finds Brice's wallet in her hotel room and discovers a paper scrap in it with the address to the warehouse. The next day, she has her limousine driver, Ah'Lee, take her to the warehouse, where she finds Drake and Josh tied up inside while the criminals are printing money. She calls the police, but as she is giving the address, her phone connection goes out. After printing $500 million, the criminals decide that they are going to drown Drake and Josh, as the leader tells them "I hope you boys are very good swimmers." Megan sneaks inside the warehouse and turns on the large fans, which causes all of the money to blow around the place and bends the switch to the side to restrain it. In all of the ensuing chaos, Drake and Josh finally escape and attempt to fight off the criminals. Drake gets caught and the crooks tackle him. Josh tries to save Drake by tackling the other crooks. Megan collects a few bills that fly her way, and the police are shown to be en route to the warehouse. When the criminal Brice falls near Megan, she whacks him on the head with a fire extinguisher right before he pushes the switch back into place and shuts off the fans. The criminals surround Drake and Josh, and Josh tries to fight them off, but accidentally punches Drake instead. As he goes down to get Drake, the criminals huddle over the two in an attempt to block them. Just then, the police arrive and run inside the warehouse to arrest the criminals.

Outside, the two lead detectives explain to the boys and Megan that their leader, Milo McCreary, is on the FBI's 10 most wanted list. Tony Hawk's manager arrives, and as Drake and Josh are apologizing for taking Tony's viper, his manager assures them that Tony is not mad and that he would have done the same. Seeing that Drake and Josh are now fine, Megan decides to head off to Denver. She goes to ask Ah'Lee to drive her to the airport, using some of the money she acquired from the warehouse to pay Ah'Lee the $75 fee, including a tip, which he happily accepts. Josh suddenly remembers Drake is supposed to perform on TRL in 25 minutes, which according to the detectives, is a 45-minute drive from the warehouse, Tony Hawk's manager gives them permission to drive to TRL in his Viper, because Tony has 3 of them. Tony's manager persuades the police to give Drake and Josh a police escort as a reward for capturing the crooks. Drake and Josh arrive at TRL just in time for Drake and his band to perform his new song, "Hollywood Girl". After Drake's performance, he meets Mitch, who tells Drake he is good, and they talk about a potential deal with Spin City Records. Drake tells Josh that he'll be able to use what happened to them for his essay on his greatest adventure essay. Josh congratulates Drake on his performance, and Drake calls him the best band manager, resulting in a quick hug between the two. As Josh asks Drake what he wants to go do, two girls approach Drake and tell him how great he was. Drake introduces them to Josh, and they ask the boys if they can hang out with them, which they accept. The episodes ends with the 4 of them cruising around LA in Tony Hawk's viper.



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Running Gags

  • Josh saying "Guess what?" and people are thinking that Josh finally got chest hair.


  • This is the first episode or movie from the original series run to not contain laugh tracks, or the theme sequence. However, I Found a Way was played on Drake's radio (as a remixed version) and in the 3-part version. The same thing applies to Merry Christmas, Drake and Josh.
  • This is the first, and only, Drake & Josh episode or t.v. movie without any arrows indicating one scene transitioning to the next.
  • The G-O is a parody of the iPod.
  • It's revealed that it took Drake six times to receive his driver's license because in the previous episode Driver's License, Drake failed his driving test on the first try, so sometime between that episode and the movie, it took him five more tries to accomplish.
  • This is the first episode or movie that Drake and Josh don't argue or fight each other. They only fight bad guys.
  • Josh’s line “And now I’m alone” after Drake leaves to get a corn dog is very similar to the line from Driver's License, when Drake leaves to go to the Pet Store.
  • This is the second time that Drake got detained by public security. the first time Drake got detained was in Grammy when he was at Rock Shock concert with his friends and former bandmates Scottie, Rina and Paul.
  • This is the fourth episode in which Josh is wearing an earring. The first three being First Crush, Peruvian Puff Pepper (although only the opening comment), and Sheep Thrills.
  • The video Josh is watching in the car and the video he shows MTV director Mitch is of Drake performing "Highway to Nowhere" by Drake Bell on Zoey 101. Walter was heard singing along to this in Vicious Tiberius.
  • Before she goes searching for Drake and Josh, Megan is watching "Girly Cow", a show that has appeared in almost all of Dan Schneider's shows, including iCarly, Victorious and Zoey 101.
  • Megan reads "Persons" magazine, an obvious parody of "People" magazine.
  • This is one of the few times Megan shows some actual compassion for her brothers (when she gets worried that they aren't back).
  • Irony: Megan threatened to send them to Cuba in The Drake & Josh Inn if they didn't leave her alone. But in this telefilm, they accidentally send her somewhere.
  • The song Drake sings at the end is "Hollywood Girl".
  • In this episode, Drake and Megan can be seen playing a PSP.
  • Drake and Josh can be seen by LAX.
  • Megan sings for the first time.
  • This movie is the first-time firearms are shown in a Dan Schneider production, the second time being in Merry Christmas Drake and Josh when Drake is caught breaking Josh out of jail.
  • Josh slipping the computer under the stall to show Mitch from TRL Drake performing is similar to the pilot episode of The Partridge Family, when Danny Partridge slipped a cassette player under the stall for Mr. Kincaid to listen to.
  • Audrey and Walter only appear in the beginning and are absent for the rest of the film because of their 10 day cruise.
  • Filming for this movie took place June 14 to August 28, 2005, during production of Season 3.
  • Milo McCreary is a possible reference to Patrick McReary from Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto V.


  • Josh could not think of anything exciting has ever happened to him. Several episodes contradict this claim. he helped Drake get a second chance to perform at a coffee house (First Crush), saving Drake from going to jail because of his former drummer Scottie (Grammy). he and Drake were bailed out of jail by Megan for unknowingly selling stolen grills (The Gary Grill), was on the football team (Football), got his driver’s license after successfully passing the exam (Driver's License), performed a duet with Drake (Blues Brothers), met the lead singer of Drake's favorite band (Guitar), got a job at a movie theater (Movie Job), defended Drake in front of the Honor Council after being falsely accused of putting his teacher’s car in her classroom (Honor Council), got his first girlfriend (Mindy's Back), and ran an inn with his brother over spring break (The Drake & Josh Inn).
    • He probably thought those events were not enough to fulfill the required detailed length of his paper. He also might have not remembered them or he may have been too embarrassed to write about some of them.
  • Audrey wouldn't need her car keys if she and Walter are on a cruise. She probably left without realizing her house key was still attached.
  • The news reporter was standing in front of the Capitol, not the Treasury Building.
  • When Josh panicked after he found out Megan was on the wrong plane, the lid on his drink was gone and ice flew outside if it. There was also no drink in the cup, only ice, and the ice is not seen after it falls out of the cup.
  • When Josh was telling Drake about the news story he heard of the currency machine being stolen, he said it was stolen 3 days ago, but the news story said it took place earlier in the week, without stating exactly how many days.
  • If the men were not real FBI agents, there is no explanation as to how they got the convincing IDs.
    • They might have just been clever forgeries.
  • Josh was seen playing guitar notes to activate the amp lasers, but in First Crush, he couldn't play a single note without breaking the string. However, he may have been gentler with the strings and his hands were too big.
  • There are no flights from San Diego to Los Angeles because they are in driving distance. Both flights also appeared to have taken longer than they actually would have.
    • In The Drake & Josh Inn, Walter and Audrey drove to and from Los Angeles.
    • Also, in Really Big Shrimp, Drake and Josh drove to Spin City Records in Los Angeles.
  • Megan puts her hair behind her ear when she stops jumping on the bed, but after she turns the song off, her hair is over her ear again. She puts her hair behind her ear again before opening the mini fridge, but in the shot after she opens the mini fridge, her hair is over her ear once more.
  • Drake, Josh, and Megan arrive at the airport with less than twenty-two minutes to spare. Given the heightened airport security, it is unlikely Megan would have been on time for her flight. She also had a ticket for a flight to Denver, and would not have been allowed on the wrong flight to Los Angeles if the flight attendant checked her ticket.
  • Josh and Deegan accidentally switch G-Os on the airplane, and he and Brice meet Josh at the Chambrulay Hotel wanting to switch back, but Josh refuses, knowing that they're going against the law. Drake and Josh immediately run out of the hotel room and Josh gets the guys' G-O back from them. Since Josh never tried to get his own G-O back from them, it is unclear whether he got it back or not.
    • It is possible Deegan threw Josh's G-O in the trash.
  • When Megan is ordering room service, she is holding the phone over her left ear and lowers it right after saying "One sec". But in the next shot, she is lowering the phone again from her right ear.
  • After Megan switches the fans on and bends the switch, the fans are on while Drake and Josh try to escape and run away, but the fans appear to be off in 2 shots during the chaos, before Brice switches them off.
  • After Megan turned on the fans and Drake and Josh took attempted to escape, the criminal who said "Get the kids, get the kids" was holding the money with one hand but throwing loose money in the air with the other hand.