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Dr. Phyllis Tupper
Dr. Phyllis
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Age Group: 45
Birthday: January 2, 1961
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Blonde
Employment: Television host
Husband: Unnamed husband
Children: Liza Tupper
Production Info
Portrayed by: Gabrielle Anne Carteris
Only Appearance: Dr. Phyllis Show

Dr. Phyllis Tupper is a one-time character in Drake & Josh.


Phyllis Tupper is host of Dr. Phyllis, a show Megan sent Drake and Josh on due to their constant bickering. Phyllis attempted to help Drake and Josh with their problems, and as Josh mentions the time Drake dated Liza Tupper to get Tori back, Drake admits it is true. He also reveals her full name when explaining she is a bad kisser and dumb. Dr. Phyllis angrily tells Drake that Liza is her daughter, and she attacks him on live TV for using and insulting Liza. She also goes for Josh as he attempts to intervene. Dr. Phyllis might’ve been fired for attacking Drake and Josh while she was on TV.


  • Phyllis is Hot Liza's mother. Her occupation is television host.
  • Dr. Phyllis is a parody of the famous talk show doctor, Dr. Phil.