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Dr. Phyllis Show
Season 3, Episode 17
Dr. Phylis Show.jpg
Air date April 8, 2006
Written by Anthony Del Broccolo

Eric Friedman

Directed by Steve Hoefer
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Dr. Phyllis Show is the third season finale of Drake & Josh.


Drake and Josh have been fighting a lot lately, including late at night. Megan is upset to be continually awoken by their fighting three nights in a row, so she gives them tickets to the Dr. Phyllis Show, hoping that Dr. Phyllis can end their bickering. On the show, Dr. Phyllis has the boys reminisce about fights they have had in the past. When Drake mentions that he once dated a girl named Liza Tupper, he calls her dumb and a bad kisser. Liza Tupper, however, happens to be Dr. Phyllis' daughter. The host gets mad at Drake and attacks him, then attacks Josh when he tries to stop her. Once back at the house, the boys are upset that Dr. Phyllis only made them think of the bad times they have had together, even though they have had good times as well. They reconcile, but soon end up in another argument. Because Josh gave Drake diet pop and the episode ends with Megan still upset when she hears them arguing again, so she once again sets off her smoke bomb to have peace and quiet.



  • This is the last episode to premiere on Saturday night until Megan's First Kiss premiered.
  • This is the first time that Megan gives Drake and Josh 2 tickets to The Dr. Phyllis Show and demands them not to keep fighting after she reveals the name of the segment which is called, "Bickering Brothers."
  • This is the last episode where Eric Friedman and Anthony Del Broccolo are writers on the show.
  • Dr. Phyllis is an obvious parody of Dr. Phil.
    • The logo is also a parody/reference.
  • Audrey and Walter only appear in flashbacks.
  • It is stated that Drake is a bad aimer when Josh mentions in the cold open that he pees near the toilet.
  • Liza Tupper is mentioned for the first time since Playing the Field.
  • This is the last episode where Josh has the messy hair.
  • There are no flashbacks of any of the Season 1 episodes.
  • The flashbacks showed season 2 episodes from The Bet, Football, Pool Shark, Driver's License, Mean Teacher, and Drew & Jerry.
  • Sammy never appeared in the flashbacks, but he's mentioned by Drake when he says that being his big sibling means a lot more to Josh then it does to him from the episode Little Sibling.
  • This episode shows flashbacks from all season 3 episodes, except for Theater Thug.
    • This was basically because Drake and Josh never really fought in this episode and Drake actually tried to help Josh out from being arrested.
    • The Demonator is also not shown except for the end credits where Drake and Josh practice riding it on the couch.
  • At the start of the episode, Josh furiously remarks that Drake has no respect for his personal items. This has been shown to be true, as in the episode Guitar, Drake used Josh's robe to put out a small fire on his faulty amp and in the episode Believe Me, Brother when he puts Josh's sunglasses in a blender and blends them.
  • Dr. Phyllis revealing to Drake that Liza is her daughter is similar to "Mean Teacher," where Drake learned that Kelly is Mrs Hayfer's daughter.


  • Josh wouldn't be able to cut the strings on Drake's guitar, as scissors aren't strong enough to cut through guitar strings.
    • But in the episode "First Crush" Josh was able to cut every string with his hand, however Drake could've gotten a new guitar between First Crush and this episode.
  • Considering Drake and Josh finally were able to tell the truth about Megan, it's left to wonder if Audrey and Walter even saw the episode, thereby realizing that their daughter was the one causing most of the trouble.
  • It seems unlikely that Audrey and Walter would let Drake and Josh stay up past 11:00 on a school night.
  • Drake and Josh claim Dr. Phyllis never made them think about happier times between them. But she did mention it before the commercial break.
  • When Drake is playing golf in the bedroom when he's not supposed to, Josh thinks he broke his lava lamp from Canada, but it's actually not broken, it just fell out of its light holder when the golf ball hit it and knocked it over, so he could easily just put it back in the light holder.
  • Drake mentions that he and Josh got into a street fight with Dr. Phyllis, no talk show would broadcast a fight.
    • It is likely the fight occurred during a commercial break.
  • There are 2 goofs that happen in the opening scene: first when Josh says" I don't look good in pink panties," he appears to be looking down at what is a possible script; the second one is that when he says that line, he appears to be smiling and happy rather than angry.