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Dr. Phyllis Show
Season 3, Episode 17
Dr. Phylis Show
Air date April 8, 2006
Written by Anthony Del Broccolo

Eric Friedman

Directed by Steve Hoefer
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Dr. Phyllis Show is the 17th and final episode of the third season of Drake & Josh.


Drake and Josh go on the `Dr. Phyllis Show' and relive some of their most outlandish moments. Some will jab at your funny bone, while others will tug on your heart strings.


In the opening sequence, Drake and Josh talk about how irritating the other one is. Drake tells about how Josh tells their English teacher he needs a tutor, while Josh explains how Drake sprayed his girlfriend Mindy with a hose.

Drake and Josh have been fighting a lot lately, including late at night. Megan is upset to be continually awoken by their fighting three nights in a row, so she gives them tickets to the Dr. Phyllis Show, hoping that Dr. Phyllis can end their bickering. After she leaves Drake and Josh's room, she sets off her smoke bomb so that they can fall asleep.

On the show, Dr. Phyllis has the boys reminisce about fights they have had in the past. Drake talks about how much of a spaz Josh is, while Josh talks about how aggravating Drake is. Dr. Phyllis then asks them if there is anyone else in their house that causes them stress, and they talk about Megan and all the things she has done to them. Drake and Josh get into another fight after Dr. Phyllis' failed attempt at getting them to hold hands. When she asks if they use physical abuse to handle their fights, they mention those times as well. Josh then brings up the time Drake dated Liza Tupper to get his old girlfriend, Tori back. Drake admits it happened and he calls her dumb and a bad kisser. But Liza happens to be Dr. Phyllis' daughter. Phyllis gets mad at Drake and attacks him, then she attacks Josh when he tries to stop her. Once back at the house, the boys talk about how Dr. Phyllis only made them think of the bad times they have had together, even though they have had good times as well.

They reconcile, but soon end up in another argument because Josh gave Drake Diet Cola. Megan still gets upset when she hears them arguing again, so she sets off another smoke bomb to have peace and quiet.

During the end credits, there is a flashback clip shown of a previous episode from season 3.



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  • In UK airings, Drake's line "He's a spaz!" was re-dubbed to "He's a dork".
  • Megan knocking Drake and Josh unconscious is a reference to the Victorious episode How Trina Got In, when Trina knocked the casting directors unconscious about ten minutes into the episode.
  • This is the last episode to premiere on Saturday night until Megan's First Kiss premiered.
  • This is the first time that Megan gives Drake and Josh two tickets to The Dr. Phyllis Show and demands them not to keep fighting after she reveals the name of the segment which is called "Bickering Brothers."
  • This is the last episode where Megan is young and short. She gets taller and looks more like Carly Shay from iCarly (specifically, the first season) starting with the next episode.
  • This is the last episode where Eric Friedman and Anthony Del Broccolo are writers on the show.
  • Dr. Phyllis is an obvious parody of Dr. Phil, given the similar name and logo.
  • Audrey and Walter only appear in flashbacks.
  • Josh complains about Drake peeing near the toilet, meaning he is either a bad aimer or pees there on purpose.
  • Liza Tupper is mentioned for the first time since Playing the Field. This episode marks her final appearance in the series.
  • This is the last episode where Josh has messy hair.
  • There are no flashbacks from the Season 1 episodes.
  • The season 2 flashbacks are from the episodes The Bet, Football, Pool Shark, Driver's License, Mean Teacher, and Drew & Jerry.
  • Sammy is mentioned in the flashback from the episode Little Sibling, when Drake says being Sammy's big sibling means a lot more to Josh than it does to him.
  • This episode shows flashbacks from all season 3 episodes, except Theater Thug.
    • This is because Drake and Josh never really fought in the episode and Drake actually tried to help Josh out from being arrested.
    • The Demonator is also not shown except for the end credits where Drake and Josh practice riding the Demonator on the couch.
  • At the start of the episode, Josh furiously remarks that Drake has no respect for his personal items. This has been shown to be true, as in the episode Guitar, where Drake used Josh's robe to put out a small fire on his faulty amp (although he didn't know it was Josh's robe) and in the episode Believe Me, Brother when he puts Josh's sunglasses in a blender and blends them.
  • Dr. Phyllis revealing to Drake that Liza is her daughter is similar to "Mean Teacher," where Drake learned that Kelly is Mrs. Hayfer's daughter.
  • The episode is quite similar to an episode of ALF titled Tonight, Tonight when ALF showed all of his flashbacks from Season 2.


  • Josh wouldn't be able to cut the strings on Drake's guitar, as scissors aren't strong enough to cut through guitar strings.
    • But in the episode First Crush, Josh was able to cut every string with his hand, although it's likely Josh wasn't gentle with the strings and his hand being too big.
  • Considering Drake and Josh finally were able to tell the truth about Megan, it's left to wonder if Audrey and Walter even saw the episode, thereby realizing she was the one causing most of the trouble.
    • It’s possible Audrey and Walter were still at work, and therefore they could not be watching the show while on the job.
  • Megan's timing for presenting her brothers tickets to be on a talk show is weird. After two nights of interrupted sleep past 11:00 PM, she waits to be awakened on a third night to let them know that she purchased tickets for them to be on the Dr. Phyllis Show the next day after school. If Drake and Josh didn't argue and wake her on the third night, when would she have presented the tickets? As is, it doesn't give Drake and Josh much time to check any scheduling conflicts they might have. Additionally, the producers would have to contact them to be on the show and it would likely take much longer than it did. Plus, it seems unlikely that Audrey and Walter would let Drake and Josh stay up past 11:00 on a school night. They should have intervened well before Drake and Josh kept everyone awake past 11:00 for a third night in a row and on a school night. The parents are conspicuously absent.
  • Drake and Josh claim Dr. Phyllis never made them think about happier times between them. But she did mention it before the commercial break.
  • When Drake is playing golf in the bedroom, Josh thinks Drake broke his lava lamp, but it actually fell out of the holder, so he could easily just put it back in the light holder.
    • Also, in that same scene, Josh said that Drake destroyed his kindergarten diploma and that there is no proof. Drake only destroyed the frame not the diploma itself.
  • No talk show would broadcast a fight. Plus, Dr. Phyllis should've been arrested for assault and battery for fighting with Drake and Josh, especially since the boys are minors. Her talk show should've also been canceled, and she should've been fired by the producers of the channel or syndicator that her show is associated with in this episode. It could have neither happened off camera since we never see nor hear about Dr. Phyllis again.
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