Dr. Phyllis Show
Season 3, Episode 20
Dr. Phylis Show
Air date April 8, 2006
Written by Anthony Del Broccolo

Eric Friedman

Directed by Steve Hoefer
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Dr. Phyllis Show is the third season finale of Drake & Josh. In the episode, Drake and Josh go on the Dr. Phyllis Show in order to fix their constant fighting.


Drake and Josh have been fighting a lot lately. Megan gets tired of it, as she has been woken up at 11:45 pm 3 nights in a row, and thus gets them tickets to the Dr. Phyllis Show.

Drake and Josh go on the show to discuss their problems, only though their constant bickering makes things worse. Dr. Phyllis tries to make them think of happier times but this also fails.

However, Josh laters mentions how Drake takes advantage of people and mentions the events of the episode Playing the Field and how he tried to get his ex-girlfriend Tori back by flirting with a girl named Liza Tupper. When Drake insults Liza, Dr. Phyllis mentions that Liza is actually her daughter, and thus begins attacking Drake viciously. Josh tries to intervene but ends up getting attacked too.

Later on, Drake and Josh eventually return home and try to think of happier times that they've had. Despite this however, they end up in an argument about soda.


Intro scene

Drake: He can be the most irritating person on the planet.

Josh: Sometimes he aggravates me to a point where I just want to go (growls and jizzes)

Drake: (anger rising) I'm not doing too good in English, right?

Josh: (anger rising) You know Drake hates my girlfriend Mindy, right?

Drake: So last week he tells our teacher....

Josh: So on Saturday, Mindy's walking up our driveway...

Drake: And Josh tells her I should have a tutor!

Josh: And Drake sprays her with a hose!

Drake: (furious) A tutor?!

Josh: (furious) A hose!

Drake: I can't take a shower without finding his hair on the soap.

Josh: He pees... near the toilet!

Both: Sometimes, he just drives me insane! (both cool off afterward)



  • At the beginning of this episode, Megan said that it was 11:45 pm and after she gave Drake and Josh the tickets, said that they would go the next day after school. Would Audrey and Walter really let Drake and Josh stay up as late as 11:45 pm on a school night?
  • If you look closely when Drake is throwing his boxers around the room, one pair goes out the window.
  • Drake and Josh claim Dr. Phyllis never made them think about happier times between them. But she did mention it before the commercial break.
  • Josh signed up Drake to perform at the Sunset Studios in Drake and Josh Go Hollywood! was not mentioned when they mentioned good memories together.
    • However, with respect to timeline, this episode may have occurred before the event of Go Hollywood