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Dr. Jeff Glazer
Jeff Glazer
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Birthday: August 25, 1967
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Lives In: San Diego
Employment: Doctor
Patients: Drake Parker
Ashley Blake
Full Name: Jeffrey Glazer
Production Info
Portrayed by: Roark Critchlow
First Appearance: The Bet
Last Appearance: Sheep Thrills

Dr. Jeffrey "Jeff" Glazer is a recurring character in Drake & Josh. He is portrayed by Canadian actor Roark Critchlow


He is a doctor that lives across the street and has come to Drake and Josh's house many times to help them. He also charges Drake and Josh hundreds of dollars after helping them.


  • He first appeared in The Bet where he checked Drake's face and said that he had a rash from not eating junk food and he then charged Walter three hundred dollars.
  • He then appeared in Little Diva where he checked on Ashley Blake and gave her something to make her sleep. He then charged Drake and Josh five hundred dollars.
  • He last appeared in Sheep Thrills, when he charged Drake and Josh a hundred dollars for an unnecessary diagnosis and another fifty dollars to not mention this to their parents while eating wheat squares for breakfast.