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Dr. Jeff Glazer
Jeff Glazer.jpg
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Birthday: August 25, 1967
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Lives In: San Diego
Employment: Doctor
Patients: Drake Parker
Ashley Blake
Production Info
Portrayed by: Roark Critchlow
First Appearance: The Bet
Last Appearance: Sheep Thrills

Dr. Jeff Glazer is a recurring character in Drake & Josh. He is portrayed by Roark Critchlow.


He is a doctor that lives across the street and has come to Drake and Josh's house many times to help them.


  • He first appeared in The Bet where he checked Drake's face and said that he had a rash from not eating junk food and he then charged Walter several hundred dollars.
  • He then appeared in Little Diva where he checked on Ashley Blake and gave her something to make her sleep.
  • He last appeared in Sheep Thrills, when he charged Drake and Josh a hundred dollars for an unnecessary diagnosis and another fifty dollars to not mention this to their parents.