Drake and Josh Wiki
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Age Group: 20s
Birthday: January 13, 1989
Hair Color: Brown
Employment: Ghost Monsters special effects make-up artist
Uncles: Mr. Crenshaw
Aunts: Mrs. Crenshaw
Cousins: Mindy Crenshaw (cousin)
Alden (cousin)
Friends: Drake Parker
Josh Nichols
Production Info
Portrayed by: Maggie Wheeler
Only Appearance: Alien Invasion

Denise Crenshaw is Mindy's third cousin who has only made an appearance in "Alien Invasion." She mistook Drake to be Mindy's boyfriend until Josh told her that he's actually her boyfriend, much to her surprise. She then helps the two turn them into aliens by giving them a makeover, that way Drake and Josh could try to scare Megan. Her occupation is a special effects make-up artist for Ghost Monsters. She's portrayed by Maggie Wheeler for a guest starring role.