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Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Dislikes: Brice Granger yelling at him
Lives In: San Diego
Goal: Counterfeit millions of dollars and escape to Brazil .

Drown and kill Drake and Josh to prevent them from informing the authorities of his plans (all failed).

Crimes: Counterfeiting

Attempted Murder

Friends: Milo McCreary
Brice Granger
Nemesis: Drake Parker
Josh Nichols
Megan Parker
Production Info
Portrayed by: Matt Newton
Only Appearance: Drake & Josh Go Hollywood

Deegan is an antagonist who only appeared in Drake & Josh Go Hollywood.


On the plane, Deegan was calm, but rather cold and emotionless, keeping to himself, only speaking when spoken to. Once he met with Brice Granger, he was revealed to be an aggressive crook, as they went out of their way to get their G-O back. He also isn't above kidnapping and murder.

Plot Overview[]

Deegan first appears on the plane when Josh moves to his row. Josh notices how they both have G-Os. Somehow, their G-Os get switched. At the airport in Los Angeles, he directs Drake and Josh to Megan's hotel before he meets with Brice and shows him the G-O. Only then does he realize the mix-up, but manages to track the boys to the hotel where Josh recognizes him and they fight over the G-O. After the boys escape and swipe a car, the two thugs do the same and give chase. After Drake makes a U-turn, a garbage truck prevents Deegan from doing the same. Despite this, he and Brice capture the two, with the help of two of their accomplices posing as FBI agents. Deegan uses the G-O to get a printing press they stole from the U.S. Treasury going, allowing the crooks to print half a billion dollars. After Megan finds their hideout using the address on a piece of paper in Brice's wallet (which he left in her room), she sneaks in and uses the large fans to create a distraction to help the boys. After a huge fight, Deegan is arrested with the other crooks.


Brice and Deegan

Brice Granger[]

Brice Granger was Deegan's contact at the airport. Deegan got annoyed with Brice yelling at him in the car and asked if would kill him to say please.


Milo McCreary[]

Deegan only interacted on screen with his boss when he set up the G-O. McCreary trusted Deegan to bring the G-O, suggesting Deegan is the tech expert of the bunch.

Brice and Deegan(2)

Drake & Josh[]

Deegan sat with Josh on the plane. Josh attempted to start a conversation with him by asking him about their G-Os, and later asked him for directions to Megan's hotel. Through this, Deegan was able to track them down. Deegan never threatened them, but wasn't above kidnapping and drowning them.



Megan never interacted with Deegan, but was the reason he and the others got caught.


  • "Would it kill you to say please?"
  • "Was that so hard?"


  • Deegan only appeared in Drake & Josh Go Hollywood.
  • His name was only mentioned in the credits.
  • He was the first of the crooks to be seen.
  • It's unknown how Deegan and Brice found which room Drake and Josh were in.
    • It is likely that he and Brice took the time to check every room.