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Dance Contest
Season 4, Episode 20
Air date September 16, 2007
Written by George Doty IV
Directed by Steve Hoefer
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Dance Contest is the 57th and final episode of Drake & Josh, and 20th and final episode of the 4th season.


Josh decides to enter a local dance contest, but when Drake realizes he's going to fail gym, he has to enter in order to receive high school credit. So he steals Josh's dance partner, and that's when things start to go wrong.


In the opening comments, Drake and Josh come up with a challenge to drink as many cups of coffee as they can. Josh’s cups of coffee contain caffeine which makes him act hyper to the viewers while Drake acts normal because Drake used Decaf coffee since Josh didn’t make that rule for the challenge.

Eric is having a going-away party taking place at Drake and Josh's house, which is proven to be boring as usual. To please everyone, Josh shows off his super intense dancing moves, and he is suggested to join the Channel 7 dance contest on TV; Josh agrees to enter the dance contest to not only show off his dance skills, but to finally best his rival and on-and-off girlfriend Mindy into being #1.

Meanwhile, Drake is being told that he is doing poorly in school and Josh tells him to start focusing more on his homework. Drake agrees but after about 5 seconds, gives up and starts clowning around in his room with a hula hoop. While Drake is playing with the hula hoop, his gym teacher visits their house and notifies Audrey that Drake is failing gym (due to being tardy and not dressing out when needed to), probably due his lack of education and will have to repeat his junior year as a result; Drake doesn't want this to happen and decides to enter the Channel 7 dance contest as well to receive extra credit.

At The Premiere, Josh talks to Emily Henderson, who will be his dance partner and is the best dancer in San Diego, about the dance contest; Drake shows up and starts to talk to Emily himself while Josh is forced by his boss Helen to take care of some gangsters in a movie theater (despite it being Josh's Day off). When Josh finds out that Drake stole his dance partner Emily (because Drake gave Emily Josh's digital camera), he partners up with the best dancer in Eastern Europe named Vilga, who insults Drake and Emily. Unfortunately, Emily and Vilga don't get along and end up fighting, but Drake and Josh break it up.

At the Channel 7 Dance Studio, Emily and Vilga once again get in a fight and are disqualified from the competition as a result. Drake and Josh are upset and forfeit, until an idea comes to mind. Drake and Josh become dance partners and they put on an amazing and shocking show in front of the audience and judges, entertaining them all. After they finish, the boys are announced as the winners of the Channel 7 Dance Contest when Audrey and Megan are shocked at Drake and Josh's dancing skills. At the end, Drake and Josh says, "Who is she?" ending the series.

During the end credits, Drake's coach was asking Audrey if her husband was lost at sea. He told her that he is not a rich man, but he lives in a nice trailer and has good items. Audrey tells him that her husband is alive and well as Drake's coach leaves the house.



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  • This is the final episode Walter does not appear in at all.
  • This is the series finale of Drake and Josh.
  • Drake and Josh's final line at the end is “Who is she?”.
  • This episode marks the final appearance of Drake, Josh, Megan, Audrey, Eric, Craig, Helen and Gavin in the series.
  • This (along with Helicopter) was supposed to take place before Really Big Shrimp, but they were aired out of order, according to Nickelodeon.
    • This can be seen by how Josh is still a red vest and Helen is still working at The Premiere, and how Josh calls Mindy his "Ex-girlfriend", despite getting back together with her in Really Big Shrimp.
  • This episode makes it seem like Eric is going away to Puerto Rico permanently, but he appears in the chronologically last episode, "Really Big Shrimp", making it clear that it was only a trip.
    • Thus, Josh throwing Eric a going-away party, and Craig's reaction to Eric "leaving", are complete overreactions. It would be more understandable if the trip was going to be for several months or longer, but episodes that air next to one another (like this episode and "Really Big Shrimp) most likely take place only a few weeks (or a month at most) apart from each other so Eric's trip should only have been for a few weeks.
  • This episode premiered on the day during Dance Night on TeenNick.
  • Zoey 101 also shared this episode with the same title, which coincidentally premiered after this episode. 
  • Even though he skips gym, it is clear that Drake is getting exercise on his own time, seeing as he was playing with a hula hoop.
  • The stage manager was played by Jeremy Rowley, who later played Lewbert on iCarly.
  • The girl from Blues Brothers makes her second and final appearance.


  • Realistically, a teacher would not show up at a student's house. The gym teacher would have told the guidance counselor and/or the principal and Drake would have been told at school.
  • At the beginning when Josh was throwing the party, there was an old lady just sitting in the corner and no one knew her. Wouldn't they have questioned who she was before she even walked into the house? Also why didn't they make her leave instead of everyone else leaving?
  • If Emily and Vilga were disqualified for their physical insults and gets thrown out of the competition by a strict stage manager, what exactly ever happened with them? Though they were most likely escorted out of the building somewhere in the alley and fight each other once more since nobody was there by the time Drake and Josh won the competition and they could have shared good news to them at all.
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