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Cookie the Monkey
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Age Group: 7 months old
Alias: Sweet Monkey(Josh)
Talents: Certificate of Sweetness
Species: Chimpanzee
Owners: Perry Gilbert
Friends: Perry Gilbert
Drake Parker
Josh Nichols
Production Info
Only Appearance: Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh

Cookie is a 7 month old Chimpanzee that appear in Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh


Cookies Certificate of Sweetness

Cookie is a Sweet monkey, as Drake and Josh bought her off my Suite Monkey.com, which monkeys come with a certification with. And when Perry Gilbert walked in to his office she was calm, which she didn't get all wild like the Christmas Monkey Perry got as a Kid.

Plot Overview[]

Drake and Josh talked with Perry Gilbert's mother about Merry hating Christmas since he got attacked by a Monkey. Which he always wanted a Monkey as a pet. Furthermore, after hearing the scary story about Perry getting attacked, Josh went on to "MySweetMonkey.com", which he found Cookie the Monkey. Josh had the Cookie delivered to Perry Gilbert's office. Perry Gilbert was told that someone was delivered to his office, so he open the door and saw Cookie the Chimpanzee on the desk. He got frightened that Cookie might wanna attack. Perry walked slowly up to Cookie, and Cookie handed Perry a Christmas Card, which Drake and Josh left. In the order, Josh wrote about him and Drake heard about his childhood. So they gave him a 7-month-old Sweet Monkey, with a Certificate of Sweetness.


Cookie the Monkey(6)

Perry Gilbert[]

Perry Gilbert walked in to his office and saw Cookie on his desk, and Cookie was calm and polite to Perry when Perry walked up to pick her. Perry Pick her up and she began to smile and Perry began to cry.



David Pressman
  • David Pressman actually has a pet monkey in real life
    • David Pressman's pet monkey might be Cookie in relief