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Coach Remmers
Coach Remmers
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Lives In: San Diego
Students: Drake Parker
Production Info
Portrayed by: Paul Parducci
First Appearance: Dance Contest
Last Appearance: Dance Contest

Coach Remmers is a minor character in Drake & Josh, who only appeared in Dance Contest.


He was the Gym coach of Drake and Josh. Coach Remmers walked to Drake and Josh's house to let Drake his failing gym. Audrey walked over to introduce herself to Coach Remmers, Coach Remmers told Audrey that Drake told him his parents were lost at sea. Coach Remmers told Drake and Aundrey that Drake been cutting gym, and that Drake would have to repeat the 11 Grade. Drake told he promises to come to gym class for the rest of the semester, but Coach Remmers told Drake he would still not have enough credits to pass.