Drake and Josh Wiki
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Birthday: January 13, 1989
Hair Color: Brown
Alias: Nerd
Occupation: High school student
Nemesis: Eric Blonowitz
Craig Ramirez
Drake Parker
Production Info
First Appearance: Josh Is Done
Last Appearance: Eric Punches Drake

Clayton is a minor character who attends at the same school as Drake Parker and Josh Nichols. He is considered one of the nerdiest kids in the school by the other students. He mumbles as he has speech issues, and nobody can understand him. He was even called a "nerd" by Craig and Eric (who are normally the ones called nerds) in "Josh Is Done", when the science teacher told them he would be partners with Drake to do the experiment.

He also appears in "Eric Punches Drake", when Drake and him was looking into their locker, Drake would then spit in his bottle. After that Clayton then knocks on Drake's door and says "WHY?" and shows Drake the bottle. Drake then closes and locks the door on him.


  • Though Clayton always mumbles, the closed captions will reveal that he is actually saying words instead of just gibberish.