Drake and Josh Wiki
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Lives In: San Diego
Occupation: Student at Belleview High School
Girlfriend: Tiffany Margolis
Nemesis: Josh Nichols
Drake Parker
Production Info
Portrayed by: Joey Mendicino
First Appearance: The Unaired Pilot
Last Appearance: Pilot

Buck is only seen in Pilot, as Tiffany Margolis' jock boyfriend, who mistakes Josh for Drake because Josh was sitting with his girlfriend, Tiffany, while Drake was in the kitchen. He challenges Josh to a fight at school and knocks him out with one punch resulting in a black eye. As he told Tiffany about Josh dating her, she told him it was Drake doing this and knock him out for good. He is known to be big and dimwitted. He was never seen again after this episode as he likely either moved away, graduated, or maybe got expelled for injuring Drake and Josh.


Season 1[]