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"There's nothing wrong with his hair."
―Brice to Deegan
Brice Granger
Brice Granger
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Lives In: 4286 Longleaf Drive, Los Angeles, California
Goal: Counterfeit millions of dollars and escape to Brazil, Drown and kill Drake and Josh to prevent them from informing the authorities of his plans (all failed).
Crimes: Counterfeiting, Theft, Kidnapping, Attempted Murder, and Assault.
Friends: Deegan
Milo McCreary
Nemesis: Drake Parker
Josh Nichols
Megan Parker
Production Info
Portrayed by: Nick von Esmarch
Only Appearance: Drake & Josh Go Hollywood

Brice Granger is an antagonist, and an minor character.


Brice Granger appears to be very aggressive and determined as he and Deegan went of their way to get their G-O back. He also isn't above kidnapping and murder.


Brice first appears at the airport to meet with Deegan. When Deegan shows him the G-O, he notices labels reading "Property of Josh Nichols" on the back and asks him who Josh is. Although initially annoyed, he goes with Deegan to the hotel to get the G-O back. The boys escape with the G-O after a fight, and steal a car to flee. Brice and Deegan steal a car of their own and give chase only to be trapped by a garbage truck after Drake spins the car around and escapes. The two thugs catch them and get their G-O back with the help of two of their fellow crooks posing as FBI agents. Megan finds his wallet (revealing his name), in her room, containing a piece of paper with the address of their hideout. After the boys escape from their room, Brice was one of the two thugs on guard and caught them. Brice and the others manage to print half a billion dollars with a printing press they stole from the U.S. Treasury before Megan sneaks in and turns on the warehouse's fans, starting a huge fight between the boys and the crooks. During the fight, Brice is sent to shut the fans off, but fails because Megan bent the lever with a fire extinguisher. gets knocked into a table by the boys and hit with a fire extinguisher by Megan. Using a hammer, Brice manages to straighten the lever and shut off the fans. Before the crooks can harm the boys, the police arrive and Brice is arrested with the other crooks.


Brice and Deegan


  • Brice was the crook sent to meet Deegan at the airport. He can get annoyed with Deegan really easily as shown when the G-Os got mixed up and in the car chase.

Milo McCreary[]

  • Brice did not interact much with his boss on screen, but McCreary selected him to meet Deegan at the airport.

Brice and Deegan(2)

Drake & Josh[]

  • Brice, together with Deegan, went after Drake & Josh to get their G-O back. Although he never threatened them to get them to give it back, he had no qualms with kidnapping them and drowning them.



Brice and Megan never interacted, but he unknowingly led Megan to them by leaving his wallet in her room with the address of the hideout in it.


  • Brice Granger only appeared in Drake & Josh Go Hollywood.
  • Brice is the only one of the criminals besides Milo McCreary whose name is revealed in the film as his driver's license was shown when Megan found his wallet.
  • His driver's license photo is also the only time he's seen without his hat.
  • It's unknown how Brice and Deegan found which room Drake and Josh were in, nor how Brice never noticed his wallet was gone.