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Bobo HD
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Interests: Bananas
Dislikes: Kissing
Lives In: San Diego
Species: Orangutan
Owners: Stan the Car Man
Drake Parker (temporarily)
Josh Nichols (temporarily)
Dr. Adrian G. Favershim (temporarily)
Friends: Drake Parker
Josh Nichols
Megan Parker
Nemesis: Dr. Adrian G. Favershim
Production Info
Only Appearance: My Dinner with Bobo

Bobo is an orangutan. He only appeared in My Dinner with Bobo.


He and Stan the Car Man met Drake and Josh. Drake then picked him up and held on to him. Drake bought Bobo so that he could make money to buy cars. He and Josh made money off Bobo by having people kiss or dance with Bobo. Dr. Adrian G. Favershim walked up to pay to dance with Bobo. While he was Dancing with Bobo, Helen walked by and wanted most of the Money Drake and Josh made. After Dr. Adrian G. Favershim was done dancing with Bobo, he tried to buy Bobo from Drake and Josh, so he gave a $10,000 check to Drake and Josh. So Drake and Josh sold Bobo to Dr. Adrian G. Favershim. When Dr. Adrian G. Favershim left with Bobo, he was sad that Drake and Josh sold him to Dr. Adrian G. Favershim. Drake and Josh went home and told Megan about Dr. Adrian G. Favershim's $10,000 check. Megan looked up Dr.Adrian G. Favershim and found that he consumed rare primates; Drake and Josh realized they had sold Bobo to an Orangutan eater. Drake and Josh went to Dr. Adrian G Favershim to save Bobo. But Dr. Adrian Favershim locked them both in a closet. Subsequently, the two Cops arrested Dr. Adrian Favershim. Megan saw Bobo in a Cage and asked where Drake and Josh were. Drake and Josh told her that they were locked in a closet. So Megan told Drake and Josh that they would sell Bobo back to Stan the Car Man to have a better home.