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Bob Galloway
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Lives In: San Diego
Brothers: Max Galloway
Mother: Mrs. Galloway
Friends: Walter
Production Info
Portrayed by: Larry Thomas
Only Appearance: Two Idiots and a Baby

Bob Galloway is a minor character who appeared in "Two Idiots and a Baby". He is played by Larry Thomas who is best known for his role as The Soup Nazi/Yev Kassem on Seinfeld.


His only appearance was in "Two Idiots and a Baby". Josh offered him and Drake to babysit his son, Max while he was having dinner with Walter, Audrey and his wife. As he, his wife, Audrey, and Walter arrive home, they found Josh hanging on the roof. When Josh got off hanging on the roof, he accidentally landed on him. At the end, he arrived in the living room as he found Drake and Megan with his son and picked him up.